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( Application based Vastu Solution )

Today there is a great demand of Vastu Shastra to main tain hermony and prosperity at Home , Office, Factoty . to maintain this hermoney and prosperity AppliedVastu Started By Reputed , Highly qualified Vastu Shastra Consultants and Civil Engineer Apurba Das.Since 2013 Mr. Das has been practicing Vastu Shastra and appliedvastu priciples on thosands of home , office , factory , flats.


The priority of AppliedVastu is to offer best Vastu Consultancy service to our clients. Our Experts always eger to learn and come up with best result oriented solutions.


AppliedVastu is a research cum application Based Vastu Consultancy , distinguised from other Vastu shastra Consultancy by Combining Latest technological adancments with traditional wisdom.AppliedVastu used following modern technique ....


1. Bulding Biology 

2. Geopathy, Geo-biology, Geopathic stress .

3. Sick Building theory .

4. Electro magnetic Theory.

5. Pyramidology 6.Energy grid theory .

7. Human Brain Sensitivity to Orientation in Space .

8. Modern Cosmology .

9. Scientific Principles Confirming the Need for Proper Orientation of Buildings .

10.Modern Neuro-Science Etc.
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Five Steps Method of AppliedVastu 

AppliedVastu always fllow application based scientific Vastu Solution technique. (For vastu Analysis always try to use Polar Method rather than Catesian Method )

1. Five Elements of Vastu Shastra.

2. 32 Entrance Effect.

3. Analysis of 16 Zones ( Derived From Viswakarma Prakash ) .

4. 45 Energy fields Of Vastu purusha Mandala.

5. Effects of Symbols and objects on Vastu space .


Our Key Professionals

Apurba Das

(Professional Vastu Shastra Consultant and Civil Engineer )

Shouvik Das

( Civil Engineer and Vastu Expert )