Vastu for Study Room: Important Vastu Tips For the best direction to study

Have you ever thought about the vastu for study room? If a student is concerned about the lack of performance or concentration in school, after a lot of hard work, if the result is not good, be careful with his study room vastu. The major problem may lie in the position of the study room as per vastu or the direction of the study table. According to 'Vastu Shastra,' the vastu defects up to a great extent affect a student's concentration in studies and create an obstacle in studies. For this reason, you need a proper vastu compliant study room that may improves the study room's ambiance and increases concentration level, and sharpens memory.

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In the present world, studying online becomes more and more relevant. The number of online courses is increasing day by day. The digital platform gives us the advantage of studying from home. So, it is necessary to keep all negativity at bay from your study room with proper vastu recommendations. Here we come with our main discussed topics on vastu for study room:

1. The best location for the study room as per vastu

2. The door of the study room vastu

3. Placement of study table according to vastu shastra

4. Placement of bookshelves 5. Colors of the study room vastu

6. Lightning of the study room as per vastu

7. Ideal pictures or idols for the study room

8. Few vastu tips for students for better performance

9. General vastu tips to design vastu perfect study room

The best location for the study room as per vastu principles

From the word' study room vastu,' we should learn that success or failure depends on the student's strenuous efforts and the surrounding energies. According to vastu shastra, the parents should choose the positions mentioned below for their child's study room to see significant progress in their results.

Study room in the east direction:

The east direction should be the first choice for the study room. Because the Sun, a source of energy, wisdom, and intellectual power, rises in the east. So, if you want these aspects of the Sun in your child, according to vastu shastra, this direction is ideal.

Study room in the northeast direction:

'Lord Shiva' is the governor of this direction. So, parents! Don't you want to make your child highly knowledgeable as our 'Lord Shiva'? If your answer is yes, don't hesitate; this direction is ideal for a vastu-compliant study room. The northeast direction refers to the water element also helps to make your child's mind calm.

Study room in southwest direction:

Don't you get long-awaited success in competitive exams? Or do you face obstacles in acquiring specialized knowledge? Then building a study room in the southwest direction of the plot must be on your priority list, according to vastu shastra.

Study room in east of southeast direction:

East of southeast mainly refers to the area between east and southeast. This direction is ideal for building a study room, especially for the children who start their journey in the path of education. Study room in this direction gives birth to inquisitiveness in their minds, good for learning new things. This direction is also good for the people who involve with research studies.

Study room in the west of southwest direction:

Is your dream to become an administrative officer like IAS / IPS? Or do you want to achieve success in your coming UPSE examination? A study room in this direction helps you to fulfill your dream. As per AppliedVastu experts, this zone is best for all higher studies.

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Vastu tips for study room: direction of the door

Students! are your parents complaining about your slow progress in the study? It may not be your fault solely. According to vastu shastra, the position of the door of your study room may be responsible for this. According to them, the southeast, northwest, southwest corners of the room are not ideal for fixing the study room's door. You should better avoid these directions.

Vastu tips for placement of study table

How can a study room be complete without a study table? It is an essential part of a study room. So, placing the study table according to Vastu rules and guidance is necessary if you want maximum benefits from your Vastu complaint study room. The east and north corners of the room are ideal for placing a study table, and you must maintain a gap (3-4 inches) between the study table and the wall behind it. Placing study tables in proper directions improves a student's concentration power. It also has positive effects on his understanding capability, memory retention power, and interest in studies. For this reason, the Vastu consultants help us with some tips involved with the study table.

Vastu tips for the shape of the table

The shape of the study table must be square or rectangular. The oval, circular, or irregular-shaped study tables are not ideal for a student who wants to pursue an excellent career.

The best direction to study

The Vastu experts prescribe specific directions that positively impact a child or a student's psychology while studying. Students of their respective fields should follow these directions mentioned below: 

Best direction to study - study table direction as per vastu -AppliedVastuNorth-For finance students

East-Social and political science


West- Computer science (This direction is also known for increasing concentration power significantly).

Arrangement of study table

We often hear parents still complaining about not getting the expected results following Vastu guidelines. Wait! It may happen because of inappropriate arrangements. It is recommended not to scatter your things here and there on a study table. Make it clean and clutter-free. You can put glass-framed inspirational ideas or posters on the study table, as these posters or pictures always inspire a student while studying. If you need a table lamp, better choose the southeast portion of the study table for it.

Vastu color of study table

The color of the study table does not carry much significance to most of the people as other Vastu facts. They often ignore it. But according to 'Vastu Shastra, ' dark-colored study table invites negative vibes. So, you should not better buy a dark-colored table for your child's study room. If it is inevitable, you can avoid this Vastu detection by covering the table with a light-colored tablecloth.

Placement of bookshelves as per vastu

Parents! A clean, clutter-free study table always positively influences your child to think in an arranged way. So, it would help if you did not place bookshelves on the study table. According to 'Vastu Shastra' the east, northeast, and north directions are perfect positions for making a lovely bookshelf for your child.

Study table facing as Vastu - Vastu Direction for Study table - Vastu For Study Room - Study room Vastu- Vastu Tips for Study room


Ideal pictures for a study room vastu

A proper vastu-compliant study room also needs pictures or idols that go with the room's purpose. Here are examples of some framed photographs and icons/murti we should keep in our study room:

Goddess Saraswati: Goddess Saraswati is the goddess for knowledge, wisdom, and art. Which place could be a better place for her than a study room.

Lord Ganesha: He is the god of letters and learning. Do you face obstacles in learning a new thing or subject as a student? Hang his picture on the study room wall or place his idol on your study table or in the study room. You can indeed overcome all your difficulties.

Garuda Garuda: the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, is known for his sharp vision and powerful intellect. His idol or picture in your study room improves your intellectual capabilities.

Nandi Bull: Nandi bull, the vehicle of 'Lord Shiva,' is known for his comprehensive knowledge. Placing his picture in the study room helps to widen your knowledge limit.

Gayatri Mantra: There is a Hindu belief that reciting 'Gayatri Mantra' bestows immense knowledge and insight. So, if you want to see a magical improvement in your child, place a framed picture of 'Gayatri Mantra' on his study table.

Proper lighting of study room

A clear and bright study room with windows on the east and north side is ideal for a student as per study room Vastu. The sunlight from the windows spreads a positive vibration around a student each morning. But what about the evening? As a parent, ensure that your child’s study room is adequately lit even after sunset. You must avoid dim light for the study room as it creates adverse health effects.

The color of the study room as per vastu

According to Vastu experts, some Colors have a positive impact on a child’s psychology and increase their intellectual capacity. According to ‘Vastu Shastra,’ light shades like yellow(learning), pale pink, or light green(wisdom) are the perfect choice for painting study room walls. Besides these colors, white and ivory colors are also excellent choices for the study room.

The shape of the room

According to ‘Vastu Shastra,’ build a pyramid-shaped study room for your child. This particular shaped study room helps to improve his grades.

Few Vastu tips for students for better performance

These few Vastu tips help students to perform better in learning · Choose a quiet place for study that helps you to be free from distraction. · A proper physical posture helps better concentration; you should follow it while sitting on the study chair. · Always hang positive pictures like sunrise in the ocean, flowers, sea, waterfalls, and galloping horses on the wall in front of a study table. Such pictures fill us with positive energies and inspire a student with positivity.

General Vastu tips for designing Vastu perfect study room

After a brief description of the study room Vastu and few Vastu tips for students’ better performance, here we come with some advice about what to do and what to avoid to design a Vastu complaint study room.

What to do

There must be a strong wall behind a student while studying. Because it works as powerful support, according to ‘Vastu Shastra.’

The southeast direction of the table is suitable for placing computers as per study room Vastu.

The study room Vastu advises fixing storage cabinets of books on the south or west walls of the study room.

Always keep books in a closed cabinet instead of scattering them here and there on the study table.

The central position of the study room must be empty. 

A study table must be made of wood instead of plastic or any metal.

What to avoid

We should never place a mirror in the study room. According to ‘Vastu Shastra, ’ mirror reflection has doubled our workload, stress, and anxiety.

High-beam light over any student makes him feel unnecessary pressure.

Oval or circular or irregular-shaped study tables are not ideal for students as per Vastu.

A study table must not be too big or too small. It affects a child’s working capacity.

A student must not face a blank wall. It affects a student’s mood and enthusiasm to study.

Distracting pictures or posters in the study room should be better avoided.

Dark shades like black and red absorb negativity from the environment. It would help if you avoided these shades for study room walls.

Do not keep broken pencils or pens on the study table.

Sitting with your back to the door is not a good idea, according to ‘Vastu Shastra.’

The study room should never be built directly under the staircase.

Washroom attracts negativity according to study room Vastu. So, if you as a parent plan to make a study room for your child, better avoid this. But if it is inevitable, you must not place the study table facing the toilet or washroom.

You must avoid any bed or sofa in the study room. It creates idleness in a child.


Q 1. Which direction is wrong for a study room?

Answer: According to 'Vastu Shastra,' you should never make a study room in the south of the southwest (SSW) and west of the northwest (WNW) portion of your home. Suppose you build a study room in this housing zone making all your strenuous efforts for the better performance go in vain.

Q 2.Can I study facing south?

Answer: Yes, of course. I was facing south while studying, helps to develop good debating skills, and logical ability.

Q 3. Should my study table face windows as per Vastu?

Answer: According to some Vastu experts, windows attract negative energies and sometimes affect a student's concentration. You can consult a Vastu specialist and can use some Vastu remedies for that.

Q 4.What is the color of the study table zone?

Answer: The color of the study table zone depends on the respective zones themselves. For example: West-White Southwest-Yellow West of south west-Yellow East of southeast-Green North-Blue.

Q 5.Which color is best for the study room?

Answer: Light colors are best for the study room. According to Vastu Shastra, light colors are auspicious. They enhance our intellectual power.

Q 6. How can I increase the positive energy in my study room?

Answer: The positive energy of the study room depends on various Vastu facts. The ideal position of a study room as per Vastu, positive pictures or certain idols of god and goddess, inspirational framed posters or thoughts, the room's color as per study room Vastu, natural light, ideal facing directions for studying, etc. positively influence the surroundings. They altogether increase the positive energy in the study room.

Q 7.Which is the best direction for studying for competitive examinations?

Answer: For success in competitive examinations, the southwest direction is the best direction according to 'Vastu Shastra.'

Q 8. How can I study in my bedroom?

Answer: You can study in your bedroom by following some easy Vastu tips.

Recreate the environment of the study room in your bedroom first.

Turn your mobile phone off.

Ensure natural sunlight from windows. Natural sunlight creates a mood for study.

Pick up your place and make yourself comfortable for studying.

Q 9. Can I keep a clock in my study room?

Answer: Yes, but we have to follow specific Vastu rules according to directions of the room: West-We can use a white and round-the-clock. West of southwest-We can use a white and round the clock. South-West-We can use a yellow clock.­­


If you want to improve vastu for study room, adopt some preventive measures from the first moment—the best Vastu consultants in helps you with their proper guidance in this purpose. It would help you if you kept in mind nothing should be more important to you than your child's bright future.