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(Step-by-step guide on How to make vastu perfect home plans and how to check vastu for house plans )

Everyone wants their home to be built according to vastu shastra. Today, nobody builds their house by disobeying the vastu principles. I am writing this post for those who want to build their own home as per vastu. In this article, I will try to guide them step by step on " How to make vastu house plans & how to check vastu for home plans.

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Indeed, designing or planning a home according to the vastu shastra is very difficult. I am a civil engineer and a vastu consultant has been practicing vastu for a long time. I have designed many vastu home plan. From that experience, I'm trying to explain very clearly how you can design or check your home vasthu plans step by step.

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Vastu Plans, Vastu For House Plans

Vastu house plan

( Necessary skills / Knowledge required to create a vastu house plan. Accurate direction and measurement are the primary requirements for a perfect house map)

To create the house design per vastu shastra, it is necessary to have adequate skills in Indian vastu vidya and engineering geometry. It is not that you must be an architect or civil engineer to make vastu house plans. If you have the proper knowledge of engineering geometry, then you can create a home plan as per vastu. engineering geometry

1. Scale ( True scale and reduced scale )

2. Linear measurement. ( By metric tape )

3. Angular measurement ( by magnetic compass)

4. Geometry for drafting.

5. Unit of drawing and measurement.

Vastu shastra principles for house design( Vastu for house plan )

Indian vastu shastra has detailed descriptions of design principles, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and planning, and spatial geometry. It can be decoded to steps of vastu for house plan. Now, how do we apply this Ancient science of architecture to design a modern house? Before creating a vastu house plan, We must know the following principles of vastu vidya.

1. Site selection and measurements of the site:

The land is an essential requirement for any building, and utmost care should be taken in its selection. As per Vastu shastra, square and rectangular shapes are considered auspicious, wherea triangular, polygonal, and other odd shapes are inauspicious. Land with low soil density is preferable for a home.

Actual dimension and direction are the key requirements before starting a Home design, as per vastu shastra. An image of a typical plot is given below where each side of that plot measures correctly. For more accuracy, any diagonal or corner measurements are essential.

Measuremet For Vastu House Plan

2. Determination of direction :

It is essential to know the right direction for planning a building, according to vastu shastra. In ancient days gnomon is used for determining the east-west line. A cone sat on the ground to observe its shadow throughout the day to determine the actual East-West line. Today we have a magnetic compass, and we can easily find the north direction. But vastu direction is not always the same as magnetic north. It may differ from place to place. The magnetic compass needle often fluctuates by electric line, iron, etc. Therefore you need to be careful when using a magnetic compass.

3. Effects of 32 main entrances:

The location of the main entrance is significant for the vastu plan. There are a total of 32 entrances on all four sides. Eight main entrances on each side.

For vastu home design, only 9 (Nine) doors are auspicious among 32 entrances. For north facing house plan, Soma, Bhallat, and Mukhya pada are considered auspicious.

Jayant and Mahendra pada are auspicious for east facing house plan.

Vitatha and Grihakhat are the two pada in the South, which is considered auspicious for south facing house plan.

On the west side, two pada named Pushadant and Sugreev are good entrances for west facing house plan, Varun Pada is also considered an auspicious door location for west facing property.

Calculation of 32 nos main entrance:

Total degree = 360 Total sides = 4 ( East, South, West, North ) Total entrance = 32 Each Side = 360 / 4 = 90 degrees.

Each side entrance = 32/4 = 8 nos. Each entrance measurement : 90/8 = 11.25 degree.

Know more about vastu for main door.

32 Entrances of Vastu Shastra

4. Casting of Vastu Purusha Mandala

The casting of the vastu Purusha mandala one of the vital steps for vastu planning and design. All vastu text mentions a graphical representation of deity on a vastu space ( I. E Plot ). Forty-five invisible energy fields are distributed in a different area of your vastu space. Design should be done after adequately superimposing the Vastu Purusha Mandal on the plot. The Vastu Purusha Mandal is the master grid of vastu plans and design.

Vastu Purusha Mandala For Vastu Plan

5. 16 Zones ( As per Vishwakarma Prakash)

For vastu house planning, determining 16 zones is an essential step. This step divides the whole build-up into 16 (Sixteen) equal angular segments. Each zone has its attributes and effect. The placement of bedrooms, toilets, stairs, kitchen, dining, drawing room, living room, and interior depends on 16 Zones. The concept of 16 zones is taken from Viswakarma Prakash Book.

Calculation of 16 Zones:- In the polar method entire area is under 360 degrees. If the built-up area divided by 16 (sixteen angular segments ) [ i.e 360 / 16 = 22.5 degree ] , 16 zones are formed.

16 zones for Vastu planning and design and Vastu for Home plan

6. Ayadi Calculation for vastu plan and design.

To determine the length and breadth ratio (built-up area), Ayadi points( Aya, Var, Ansha, Dravya, Vyaya, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yog, Aayu ) have to check. The following image shows the nine ayadi calculations derived from Viswakarma Prakash.

Ayadi calculation for Vastu house Plan and Building Plan according to Vastu shastra

The typical picture of the Vathtu plan and vasthu house plan

A typical picture of Vasthu house plans / Vasthu map is given below. Please note that do not use this design blindly for your new building construction. Vastu House design depends on various factors, such as Direction, Ayadi, Varna ( Profession ), Astro chart, Prakriti (Ayurveda ), etc. So you must consult with a Vastu Planner before constructing your house, according to Vastu Shastra. AppliedVastu also provides vasthu planning and design services. Contact AppliedVastu.

Vastu House Plan , Vastu House Design , Vastu Plans

Standard room size for Indian house design

Every dream house is designed in such a way that it fulfills all essential requirements. The basic need of a building is to accommodate all interiors and the occupant's circulation to make it functional. The size of a room depends on the function of the room and its furniture. For vastu planning, knowing the standard size of rooms is essential.

The typical room sizes are given below.

Bed Room - Standard size of a bedroom may range from 3000 mm x 3600 mm (10 Feet x 12 Feet) to 3600 mm x 4800 mm (14 Feet x 16 Feet).

Kitchen - Standard size of a kitchen may range from 2100 mm x 3000 mm ( 7 Feet x 10 Feet ) to 3000 mm x 3600 mm ( 10 Feet x 12 Feet ).

Toilet and Bathroom - Standard Size may vary from (for combined ) minimum 1200 mm x 2100 mm ( 4 Feet x 7 Feet )

Living Room - Size vary from 3600 mm x 4200 mm ( 12 Feet x 14 Feet) to 4200 mm x 4800 mm ( 14 Feet x 12 Feet ) .

Dining Room - Minimum Size of dining room 3000 mm x 2400 mm.

North Facing House Plan with Vastu.

East Facing House Plan with Vastu.
South Facing House Plan With Vastu.

West Facing House Plans With Vastu.

Vastu Tips for Home Planning and Design ( Do's and Don't's )

1. Vastu tips for bedroom: Auspicious placement of the master bedroom is very important for a vastu house map. South-West, West, West Of Southwest, North, and North-West are good positions for planning bedrooms. Never head towards the north direction at the time of sleeping.

2. Vastu tips for kitchen: South-East ( Agni Kon ) is the preferable position for a vastu map. But Applied Vastu recommends South-of-South-East, West, and North-West also good placement of the kitchen as per Vaastu Shastra. Never place the kitchen in the north, North East, or East direction.

3. Vastu for living room: Most activity is performed in the living room. Family recreation, social gatherings, the first impression created by a living room. A living room must be clutter-free, impressive, and have good color and light. The position of a living room depends on the facing of the house and space arrangement.

4. Vasthu for staircase: As per the AppliedVastu case study, the stairs are auspicious for all 16 zones except the northeast zone. People have some misconceptions about stair placement, the stair is heavy, and many vastu designers place them in the South, South-west, and west zone.

5. Vastu for puja room: Most preferable position of the puja room is Noth-East ( Ishaan ) Zone. A vastu designer also can place a Puja room in the West zone of a home.

6. Vaastu tips for dining room: Dinning room is preferable in the west, east, and south directions. The distance between the dining and kitchen should be minimum.

7. Vastu tips for toilets and bathrooms: Avoid construction of toilets and bathrooms Ishaan (North-East) zone. WNW, SSW, and ESE are in a good position to place toilets. East of North East, East good for construction of bathroom ( No Urinals ).

Frequently asked questions on vastu house plan / vastu home plan.

What is the best direction for your house to face?

All four directions (East, South, West, and North ) are equally suitable for facing. But the position of the main door is essential.

How can you make a house as per Vastu ?

To make a house as per vastu, we need special care at the time of its design and planning. A vastu consultant and civil engineer should do your building design.

Is vastu important for the house?

Yes! Indian vastu shastra is the science of architecture. At the time of building construction, you may apply this science.

Which vastu is suitable for a house?

A plot is suitable for house construction if its shape is rectangular or square having good fertility.

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Does provide an online vastu planning service?

Yes ! provide online vastu planning service. AppliedVastu also offers complete residential, commercial, and industrial vastu solutions and vastu planning for homes, flats, offices, hospitals, hotels, clinics, showrooms, commercial premises, factory.

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