East Facing House plans - East Facing House plan with Vastu

( East Facing House Plan as Per Vastu Step by step guide )

Let us first find out what does mean by East Facing House Vastu Plan ?  Many people have a lot of confusion in determining Facing Of a House or Plot . Here I am describing the easiest way to determine Facing of a House Plan . If Main Entrance of any House  located in East Side is called East facing Vastu House PlanA typical Picture of East Facing House Plan shown bellow . Notice that the main door located east in the given design. The Home plan shown bellow may not fit your Plot and Internal dimension are not given .

 If you Need customized Modern Vastu House Plan as per your plot size and direction and which meet your requirements then contact AppliedVastu.com. Our Vastu Experts are from Civil Engineering / Architectural field. They are highly experienced in Customized Vastu Planning and Design. Send Your Plot Size and requirements. In Vastu Planning some regular Rectangular and Square shape should be choose . example 30 x 40 , 35 x 50 , 40 x 50 , 45x55 , 50x60 , 30x50 , 30x30 , 60x50 , 55x65 , 70x60 , 40x60 , 40x40 , 50x50 , 65x 75 , 25 x 50 , 60x 80 , 70x 70 , 80x 80 etc.

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East facing house vastu

East Facing House Vastu Plan - Vastu Plan for East Facing House - East Facing Vastu Plan

How to Make House Plan For East Facing Plot ?

Need a East facing Building Plan with Vastu to built Your New House in East Facing Plot ?  If so  , You Need to pay Special attention to this Points at the time of design the House Plan . The points are.. .

1. Position Of Main Entrance :  Main Door of a East Facing Building should be located on auspicious pada .( Vitatha, Grihakhat ) See the column Location of Main Entrance. 

2. Position Of Bed Room : Bed Room should be planned at South West / West / North West / North. 

East Facing House Vastu Plan - Vastu Plan for East Facing House - East Facing Vastu Plan


East Facing House plans -3. 6

Vastu House plans East facing - 1.9

Let us clear first what is East Facing Plot  ? 

A East facing plot means at the time of entering the plot face direction towards East side. 

Similarly For a House same concept followed. 

Now discuss about East facing House Vastu Plans , 

A building Having main entrance at North Side called East Facing Building. 

Applied Vastu one of the eminent Vastu Planners and Civil Engineer offer you a Complete customized East Face Vastu Plans. 


East facing vastu plan for house

Vastu For East facing House Plans. 

Indian Vastu Shastra described about how to plan a Home step by step by obeying vastu norms.  All the principles described in thousands of Sanskrit slokas. Applied Vastu decoded the slokes and applied it for Planning a new House , office , factory etc. Many people have a general quary is South facing Home plan good or bad ? ? In reply Applied Vastu tell you all directions are same. But people in the profession related to Khatriya activity get good results when they built a South facing House plan. 


Position Of Main Entrance Of a East Face Building.

Main Entrance of East facing House Plan - East Facing Home Plan Main Entrance



Dos and Donts for East Facing Home Plan as per Vastu Shastra ( Vastu Tips )


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