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Vastu consultant online is a search term becoming very popular on the Internet. People find professional online vastu consultants to get accurate vastu solutions. If you are looking for a good Vastu consultant online, there is no need to look for another. AppliedVastu is highly efficient in Online Vastu consultancy services and successfully serves online vastu consultation services worldwide. No matter how far away you are from any country in the world, you can easily avail yourself of the online vastu consultation service of AppliedVastu. AppliedVastu accrued well reputation on Onsite/online Vastu consultant services. It is possible to provide online Vastu services using modern technology ( Internet, Google location, Geopositioning system ). Please consult with our experienced & learned Vastu consultant and Get the best online vastu consultancy service.

Are you decided to consult with an online vastu consultant for Home, office, Flat, Factory? If Yes, then consult with AppliedVastu.Com. AppliedVastu is a very well-known vastu consultancy that provides accurate online Vastu solutions across the globe. AppliedVastu offers an Accurate Vastu solution in Online Mode. Their Vastu Consultancy Charge is reasonable for an accurate detailed Vastu evaluation report. They are well known for the Vastu planning design service, selection of property, and Vastu correction of existing Vastu in online Vastu consultation mode. Many people like to consult with an online Vastu Shastra consultant for the selection of Flat, Selection of Plot, Selection of House or Office, etc. Nowadays this type of vastu consultation is prevalent to save time and money. Technology and expertise help us to Provide such accurate vastu service. Meet AppliedVastu Shastra Consultant to avail best Vastu-related service.

How AppliedVastu Experts Measure Direction Without Visiting Site?

The accurate geometrical calculation is essential for correct Vastu analysis. Scaled Layout & actual geographical direction are the main requirements for any Vastu analysis. Many vastu consultants still visit sites to measure direction and dimensions. But it is not necessary for a site visit to take this information. All measurements are available in a scaled floor plan. Geo direction is easily measured from the satellite with the help of civil engineering software

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AppliedVastu specialists are from the civil engineering field. They use Google Maps and AutoCad software to determine the correct orientation of your property. It is the measuring technique used in modern civil engineering surveys. AppliedVastu now uses such a modern survey technique for Vastu Consultation. In using a magnetic compass, some errors may happen due to local attraction due presence of an electric line, Iron, etc. Vastu direction is not a Magnetic direction. It is an actual geographical direction. So all Vastu Experts should use the satellite technique to determine direction instead of using a magnetic compass.

Apurba Das is a renowned Vastu consultant and Civil Engineer by profession. Mr. Das Practicing Vastu Shastra for a decade and successfully solved thousands of cases on Vastu Shastra. His vastu work spreads not only in India but all over the world.

Apurba Das : Civil Engineer and Vastu Consultant

Contact : +918240453521

Email :

Vastu Consultant Online , Online vastu Shastra Consultant , Vastu shastra Online , Online Vastu check

Apurba Das is a renowned Vastu consultant and Civil Engineer by profession. Mr. Das Practicing Vastu Shastra for a decade and successfully solved thousands of cases on Vastu Shastra. His vastu work spreads not only in India but all over the world. Apurba Das is one of them who applied ancient vastu tradition to modern architecture scientifically. Mr. Das is the founder and chief Vastu Specialist of AppliedVastu. He established the simplified philosophy of AppliedVastu Shastra into the Five-step method Vastu Shastra based on Vastu Correction without structural change. The five-step way of AppliedVastu is handy for Online Vastu checking. Consult with AppliedVastu Consultants to avail best Vastu Solution.

Shouvik Das: Civil Engineer, Vastu Specialist, Interior Designer

Contact : +918240453521


Vastu Consultant Online , Online vastu Shastra Consultant ,Top Vastu shastra Online , Online Vastu check

Shouvik Das: Owner Of AppliedVastu, Professionally a Civil Engineer, Vastu Specialist, and Interior Designer. Who transforms Vastu consultancy into a scientific way with ancient wisdom? He tries to apply logical and scientific Vastu Shastra principles combined with astrology to get the desired result. Mr. Shouvik Das visited many sites in the past couple of years to provide Vastu Consultancy. He says, "Today, technology is available to avoid onsite Vastu Consultancy. We need a scaled map and direction for vastu evaluation. Technology gives us the complete scope to save valuable time and money by preventing site Visits." He always suggests his clients take online vastu service. Some cases need an onsite inspection, site visit. But site visit is not mandatory for all Vastu Consultancy. So the choice is Yours we Provide both Onsite as well as Online-Vastu consultancy services.

What are the requirements to avail online vastu solution?

To avail online vastu service you have to send us three pieces of information only. For any vastu consultancy, required scaled map or layouts ( PDF or IMAGE format ) and Direction or orientation of that property.

AppliedVastu always considers astrological and numerological details for vastu correction. So correct birth details are needed for Astro-Numero calculation.

If a scaled floor plan or map is not available, send a rough drawing or hand sketch with dimensions. AppliedVastu will prepare a scaled drawing with AutoCad software for Vastu evaluation. Don't worry about the actual Direction of your property. Just share the google location or drop-point of your premises for online Vastu evaluation. AppliedVastu experts will calculate the orientation of your premises from their end.

If you have any questions related to inputs and need any help, don't hesitate to chat with AppliedVastu experts. It's completely free, and you can directly live chat with their specialist. In addition, they will guide you through an online consultation process.

Online Vastu Consultancy Services

AppliedVastu Offers Online as well as Onsite Vastu Services.

  • Online Vastu Home Plans & Design
  • Online Vastu Home Plans & Design
  • AppliedVastu has achieved the highest reputation in online vastu planning and design service work. Consult with AppliedVastu to avail of vastu planning & design services.Download Sample Vastu plan pdf
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  • Online Vastu Check for Flat & Apartments
  • Online Vastu Check for Flat Online
  • At the time of selection of your flat / Apartment, you must consult with a vastu consultant. AppliedVastu provides online vastu services for flats or apartments.Download Flat Vastu report pdf
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How AppliedVastu Check Main Door location?

Here is a sample page of a report in the image below of the online vastu service. You will find many such vastu calculations in their report.

Vastu Consultant Online , Online vastu Shastra Consultant , Vastu shastra Online , Online Vastu check , Vastu Shastra Expert Online

Simple Steps to Get Complete Vastu Consultation Online:

Three inputs/ information are required from the client to get the best vastu consultancy service. Clients can quickly provide the following inputs to AppliedVastu experts. For online vastu consultation, you have to send all inputs through whats app or email. You can also talk to them for verification of all inputs sent by you. In addition, you can directly chat through WhatsApp, Skype, email, or other messaging apps. For further information, you can instantly talk with AppliedVastu Experts.

AppliedVastu prepared the report based on the information provided by the client & send then within three working days. If anyone has any questions on corrections recommended in the vastu report or other questions, they can directly talk to AppliedVastu specialists. AppliedVastu is responsible for conveying the complete vastu report or vastu plan to the client.

The Following inputs are very much needful for onsite as well as online vastu shastra consultation services

1. Scaled Drawing.

2. Google Location For Geographical Direction.

3. Birth details for Astrological & Numerological Calculation.

4. Requirements for New Layouts, Correction, Selection Etc.

Steps to get world-class vastu consultation online.

Step-1: Send the type of your requirement of consultation in online mode. (Whatsapp / Email )

Step -2: Send google drop point or location for determination of actual direction.

Step -3: Send us a scaled layout of your property ( Plot, Floor plan, Office layout, industrial layouts )

Step-4: Send date of birth, time, and place for astrological calculation.

After Verification of Inputs ( By AppliedVastu Advisor )

Step-5: Make Payment as Quoted By AppliedVastu Admin.

Step-6: After receiving payment, they take a maximum of 1-2 working days to deliver your work.

Step-7: They Email or WhatsApp You PDF copy of vastu reports or Vastu design.

After receiving the report, they solve all issues/doubts/questions on detailed vastu report via Whats app, Phone call, Skype, email, etc. So you can directly talk to AppliedVastu experts many times for clarity of all doubts.

Advantage of online vastu services: AppliedVastu

Suppose you are searching for a local vastu consultant & expecting authentic vastu consultation. And the local vastu guy charges high consultation fees for small services & try to sell an expensive product in the name of vastu remedy. Is there any authenticity from the local vastu guy? While organizations like AppliedVastu provide accurate online vastu services worldwide, selecting a local vastu expert would not be the correct decision. AppliedVastu provides you with accurate, genuine online vastu consultation. They never recommend you to buy expensive vastu products. AppliedVastu counted among those vastu service providers who offer onsite/accurate online vastu consultancy services with simple vastu solutions without structural change. As a result, online vastu shastra consultancy by Appliedvastu is becoming very popular. Specially AppliedVastu generated thousands of vastu lovers all over India and abroad and earned many reputations.

Economic & Time Saving : 

Accurate & Authentic :

Scientific & Logical  Vastu Report:

Zero Structural Change & Practical Solution :

Online Vastu Check

Online Vastu check is perhaps the best thing about AppliedVastu. Not every Vastu Consultancy can arrange such an updated service section. Many people are in another state or abroad, looking for a good vastu consultant but don’t get any genuine vastu specialist. And for that reason, AppliedVastu has set an online vastu check service. Their online vastu checking reports are error-free and prepared with correct geometrical vastu calculations. All you need to get in touch with AppliedVastu, and the team AppliedVastu consultant will help you further.

Contents of our Detailed Vastu Evaluation Report

Our online Vastu evolution report consists of 18 pages for each floor. The list of contents of the detailed report is given below.

Analysis and calculation of actual geographical direction by using Satellite Map and Auto Cad Software.

Coloured Floor Plans with Proper orientation of 16 Vastu Zones and 45 Energy fields of Vastu Purusha Mandala.

Checking of Main Entrance and Its rectification.

Zonal Strength chart and Graphical Calculation and Analysis with Bar Chart.

Colour therapy as per Vastu Shastra Guideline

Proper Placements of Interior as per Vastu Shastra Principles.

Vastu rectification technique without structural change.

Astrological and Numerological Calculations and Suggestions.

Auspicious Placements of Indoor / Out Door plants.

Locations of Electronic Gadget as per AppliedVastu.

Our online Vastu suggestions are purely logical and Scientific and based on authentic ancient Vastu Shastra rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have shortlisted some general questions and answered all those questions below. Please contact us to know more about our Online Vastu services.

How be online vastu consultation accurate without visiting a site?

The information needed for proper vastu analysis is 1. Scaled floor plan or Plot plan 2. Direction 3. Birth details for astrological calculation. In the earlier days, Vastu experts visited the site for the right direction and accurate measurement. Today, these two pieces of information (measurements & direction) are too easy to find without visiting the site with the help of technology. All dimensions and measurements are available in the floor plan. Accurate direction or orientation can be easily calculated from google earth. Hence site visits for every vastu consultation not mandatory.

What to do if the scaled floor plan is not available?

If you do not have a scaled layout of a floor plan, then you can draw a line diagram ( between two walls ) by hand and send it with measurements. We will make a scaled AutoCAD copy for vastu analysis. Also, mark directions on the floor plan or plot map.

Whose birth details should I share for astrological and neurological calculation?

Accurate vastu analysis must be done by astrological and numerological calculation. So it is necessary to look at the horoscope of the owner or chief occupants of the property or their next generation.

Can we avail of online Vastu consultancy from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can quickly get online vastu service from anywhere in the world. Contact the AppliedVastu team for further guidance. AppliedVastu consultancy provides accurate world-class vastu services all over India and abroad.

Why should you choose AppliedVastu consultancy?

AppliedVastu Consultants have 10+ years of experience. All reports are colored PDF and easy to understand. The calculations given in the report are a combination of Vastu Shastra, astrology, and numerology.

How many days will the detailed Vastu evaluation report be delivered?

After fulfilling all the terms and conditions, AppliedVastu takes a maximum of three working days to deliver the Detailed vastu evaluation report. If there is an urgent need for any work, AppliedVastu will deliver it within that day. The minimum time is taken for land, flat, or house selection reports.

In which case would an online Vastu consultancy service be most helpful?

In our experience, any vastu service can be taken online. The demand for online vastu services online is high for selecting land, flats or apartments, houses and offices, and vastu correction for an existing property, office, factory, and Vastu Planning & Design.

Does AppliedVastu provide vastu consultation by visiting residence, office, or factory?

Not only online services, but AppliedVastu also provides on-site vastu services. AppliedVastu consultant visits the sites physically where a site visit is required. For on-site consultancy, please contact with AppliedVatu team.

If I have any questions after receiving the report, can I talk to the consultant directly?

Of course. Not only do we complete the service by sending a report, but our vastu experts will answer all the questions and try to clear all doubts. You can directly talk with our consultants at any time for any doubts.