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The main entrance / main door position for home, office, factory, and the plot plays a vital role in searching for an overall vastu compliant property. It is also an entrance point from where the energies (positive energy and negative energy) enter the house/flat/plot.

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So, determination of the excellent location of the main gate as per vastu for any premises too important. According to the principles for main door vastu, an entrance on the wrong energy field may cause major vastu defects for any property. While on the other hand, it provides you immense wealth, success, and power as per the main entrance Vastu if located in the right energy field. For this reason, this article is significant for you if you are planning to build or buy a new home or flat or property, as it contains all the necessary pieces of information on main gate vastu.

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To accurately determine the position of the door, according to Vastu shastra, two things have to be ensured with utmost importance: to always take the correct scaled drawing, and the other is to work by determining the right geographical direction. Notice in the figure above that 32 deities is placed on a scale drawing at the correct degree.  


Vastu for main entrance and ideal position of the main door as per vastu shastra

Vastu for main entrance is itself a vast subject. If you look at the Paramashayika Mandala system, you see 32 different deities or energy fields in the outer perimeter of the Vastu Purusha Mandala. A door on an energy field creates good or bad effects according to the characteristics of that deity. So, you need to be very careful at choosing door location among 32 segments! To accurately determine the position of the door according to 'Vastu shastra,' we must ensure two things with utmost importance: to always take the correct scaled drawing, and the other is to work by determining the right geographical direction. Notice in the figure above that 32 deities is placed on a scale drawing at the correct degree. North, east, south, and west have eight energy fields, respectively (i.e., eight main entrances for North- N1 to N8, eight main doors for East - E1 to E8, eight main entries for south- S1 to S8, eight main entrances for West- W1 to W8)as per vastu for primary door position. Now let's discuss in detail 32 possible locations of the main gate & its effects on the occupants, according to the vastu shastra :

Main Gate for north facing house/flats/plots

Main Gate for east facing house/flats/plots

Main Gate for south facing house/flats/plots

Main Gate for west facing house/flats/plots

Main entrance for north facing house / flats / plots

With a north-facing house or flat, the location of the main entrance should be on the outer wall on the north side. According to vastu, many people consider the north-facing house to be very auspicious as Kubera rules the north. But in reality, the north-facing house or flat will bear good fruit only when the location of the main gate will occur on the auspicious deity according to Vastu for the main entrance for north facing house/flats/plots position.So there are eight door locations in the north direction. But there are only three good fruits in it.

Vastu for main door north facing house , office , flats and factory

If you look at the picture above, you understand that with a house facing north, the gate should be through which position as per 'Vastu Shastra.'

Vastu for home entrance: Auspicious for north facing house / apartments

Mukhya: (N3): The main energy field is considered to be very auspicious with north-facing flats or houses. According to Vishwakarma Prakash, this door is very auspicious for money and male children, according to vastu for the main entrance for north-facing houses/apartments.

Bhallat: (N4): Bhallat is the god of abundance. According to the ancient vastu text, entering this Pada provides a lot of wealth and blessing as per Vastu for the main door position.

Som / Soma: (N5): This is another auspicious energy field for the north-facing property. Soma is moon energy. Also referred to as Lord Kubera, the deity of wealth. This energy field helps to beget children and wealth. Making the main entrance here also helps one look for spiritual upliftment as per the main entrance for north-facing plots.

Many vastu shastra consultants suggest the northeast is the best location for entrance. But they don't specify the exact energy field as the northeast is also the location of a deity called Shikhi. According to the ancient vastu text, the door on the Shikhi never gives excellent results but even leads the residents to danger.

Inauspicious position for north facing property

Roga: N1: As previously discussed, there are 32 different deities or energy fields in the outer perimeter of the Vastu Purusha Mandala, and each is divided into eight possible entrances or energy fields. Some produce beneficial effects, and some have adverse effects because of their deity. This energy field is very inauspicious, with north-facing flats and houses as per Vastu for main door position. As it gives birth to a kind of hostility that even leads to murder. So, beware!

Naga: N2: This is another inauspicious field that also causes enmity, excessive material cravings, and jealousy in the residents, just like Roga. So, according to Vastu for the main door/entrance position, this pada should be strictly avoided.

Bhujag: N6: Another inauspicious energy field which gets strict no certificate from the Vastu experts of the main entrance for north-facing home. It may create many health hazards like cold, flu, kidney-related problems, eye problems, etc.

Aditi: N7: This particular Pada has affected mainly women of the family. It creates rebellious nature in them. Girls living in the house whose main entrance is N7 often involved in live-in relationships and intercaste marriages.

The main entrance for east facing houses / flats / plots

In 'Hindu Shastra,' we consider the east direction auspicious as it welcomes the Sun's first ray, and according to the Hindu religion, this first ray is very reassuring. But wait! We can tell whether the main entrance in the east zone is auspicious or inauspicious depending on its placement in the energy field, as it bears positive or negative results according to the energy field. According to the vastu for the main gate, the vastu experts should consider all energy fields spreading from the northeast to the southeast while deciding to locate the main entrance of the plot. For example, the Tirupati Balaji temple, and the Jagannath Puri temple, is the powerhouse of energy because of their perfect entrance placement.

However, similar to the north, the east has eight energy fields or entrances (E1-E8). Here we refer to the most auspicious and inauspicious energy field according to their deities as per home entrance Vastu.

Vastu For Main Door Main Entrace For East facing House-LOCATION OF MAIN DOOR EAST FACING By Applied Vastu

Vastu for building entrance: Auspicious for east-facing house/apartments

Jayant: E3: This auspicious entrance ensures victory, success, and enthusiasm in life. As per Vastu for home entrance, it also expands your social circle.

Indra: E4: Indra is the king of devtas and the power of association and administration in Swargaloka. So, placing an entrance in his field ensures powerful association with influential people that helps to gain power and utmost profits.

Vastu for property entrance: Inauspicious for east-facing home/flat

Shikhi: E1: It is considered highly inauspicious for the east-facing home entrance. This Pada for east-facing houses/apartments causes a fire, accident, and financial losses.

Parjanya: E2: Another inauspicious Pada gets a strict no certificate from the Vastu experts for the main door entrance. It increases wasteful expenditure in the residents living there.

Surya: E5: According to Vastu for the main door, people who have E5 as their primary home entrance are often short-tempered and show highly aggressive behavior, leading them to wrong decisions in life.

Satya: E6: This Pada gives birth to liar and unreliable people. Residents in this entrance are untrustworthy to keep their commitment to the end and face rift with friends and business partners.

Bhrisha: E7: The Vastu experts advise you to avoid this field for your home or property's main entrance. As the marriages of its inhabitants rarely work and result in divorce.

Akash: E8: According to vastu principles for primary door placement or fixing of the main door in E8 causes thefts, sudden financial losses, even trouble from the government in its inhabitants' life. So, you should better avoid this Pada for your main door.

Main Entrance for South facing house/flats/plots

There are vastu myths that the main gate in the south is not a good idea. So, most vastu novice specialists reject the south direction for the main entry. But wait! This is simply a myth. We have examples of many successful business people who have their main entrances in the south direction (the southwest zone should be avoided as per vastu principles for the main gateway). The Kedarnath Temple, the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling also faces south. However, as previously said, the position of 32 deities is mainly responsible for all auspicious and inauspicious effects, according to vastu rules of main door vastu.

South facing Main door - South facing entrance -vastu for main door, vastu for main entrance , vastu tips for main gate , main door vastu

Vastu of the doorway: Auspicious for south-facing homes/apartments

Vithatha: S3: Inhabitants with their house gate in this Pada are very smart. They always get their work done, and they don't care about the method (whether fair or unfair) they adopt for it. This gives the occupants immense prosperity at the same time, making them unreliable. So, the choice is in your hand!

Gruhakshat: S4: Another auspicious Pada, according to the vastu for home entrance, gives its occupants fame and prosperity. This pada is extremely good for actors, and media persons.

Vastu for gate: Inauspicious for south facing house/apartment

Anila: S1: Such an entrance has adverse effects on the male child of the house and creates unnecessary conflicts between the parents and the child. So, if it is not inevitable, the door opening in this pada is strictly avoided as per vastu for the doorway.

Pusha: S2: Though this Pada is suitable for people in MNC to get opportunities like promotion, and salary hikes, and attracts many troubles from relatives. So, again according to vastu experts, entrance into this Pada is not a good idea.

Yama: S5: It is one of the ominous entrances of all, brings diseases, death, the financial burden to its occupants. Gandharva: S6: People who live in S6 lead a stressful life. This inauspicious Pada causes extreme poverty and financial instability in its occupant's life.

Bhringraj: S7: Have you already made your main entrance in this inauspicious Pada? Then you will see the disappointment in your life soon, as all your strenuous efforts will go in total vain how many times you try to, thus slowly makes you uninterested in work.

Mrigha: S8: Mrigha is one of the worst entrances, according to the Vastu for the main door. S8 brings lots of problems like financial instability, loss of strength, and power in its inhabitants' life. It makes a person lonely and gradually disconnects them from society.

Main door vastu for west facing house/flat/plot

Some vastu experts simply prohibit this direction as the main door, as the west is the direction of darkness. Don't worry, just another vastu myth! But just like south, placement matters here. If your main entrance is in the correct energy fields, you can gain substantial financial success.

west facing house vastu main door

Vastu for the main door: Auspicious for west facing house/apartment

Sugreev: W3: Sugreev may be a beneficial Pada for you if you are in the educational field, according to Vastu, for home entrance for a west-facing home. It is also the best possible entrance for traders or businesspersons. It gives them their expected tremendous growth of the business, success, and immense prosperity that you are jealous of.

Pushpdant: W4: Pushpdant is the vehicle of Lord Kubera, and Kubera is the giver of wealth. So, Pushpdant also ensures financial growth and prosperity. The main entrance in this Pada helps you to lead a happy and tension-free life.

Varun: W5: Devta Varun is not only the controller of the universe but his principles are also considered the highest among Swargalok. But the main entrance in W5 contains mixed results according to the Vastu for main entrance for west facing house/apartment. It gives a person extreme prosperity and makes them over-ambitious. Sometimes this over-ambitious nature also becomes the principal cause of their downfall. So, think before you jump into the decision of making this Pada your main entrance.

Main door vastu principles: Inauspicious for west facing house/flat

Pitra: W1: Pitra is one of the worst vastu entrances, responsible for instability in life and poverty. Not only this, it can reduce the life span of residents. So, you should be extremely careful before choosing this Pada for entrance according to the Vastu for the main door for the house.

Duawarik: W2: If you are already stressed about your future career, the main entrance in this Pada just complicates your life more. It brings instability to the relationship as well. So, why do you live with so much stress about the future and relationship? Instead, be careful about making your main entrance and consult Vastu experts.

Asur: W6: Asur, referred to as W6 in the chart, causes daily fatigue and lacking physical strength. Even we often see depression-related diseases in the residents who unknowingly choose W6 as their main entrance.

Shosha: W7: The main door in this Pada makes its residents physically weak and gives birth to their addiction to the drug.

Papyakshama: W8: Living in a west-facing house with this entrance instigates a person to take unfair steps for his benefit which may lead their life to great trouble in the future. So, consult a Vastu expert if it is inevitable for you to make your home south facing.

Vastu tips for main entrance steps

The steps leading to the main entrance also play a significant role in activating the positive energy field in your house. Now, if you consult a Vastu expert for your main entrance steps, he may tell you it is not rocket science. You have to keep in mind specific rules associated with the main entrance steps.

According to vastu shastra, for main entrance steps, the odd number of steps. 1, 3, 5, and 7 are auspicious for your home.

Try to avoid drain and pipeline of toilet disposal under main entrance steps m. They create negative energies. So, all your efforts to make your home Vastu compliant go in vain if you neglect this.

A gigantic tree in the surroundings of the main entrance steps blocks positive energies coming into the home. So, you should know this principle before choosing the plot.

Choose the color according to the color of your main door to make your main entrance steps look friendly and straightforward.

Vastu tips for main door color

If you plan to buy a new house or flat, choosing the direction according to the position 32 deities or energy fields should not be your only chief concern. Do you know? Choosing the right color for your main door according to the direction also plays a crucial role in your life. It controls the fate of anyone who lives in the house/apartment.

Main door color for east facing house or flat

East direction refers to air or wood element. So, you can paint your door in any shades that go with air or wood element. Shades of green or brown, in that case, are the best choice according to Vastu for the main door color.

Main door color for west facing house or flat

Just like east, this direction refers to space element or metal element. So, the Vastu experts advise you to paint your main door in white, off-white, and grey that balance with this element. These colors attract profitability in the business.

Main door color for north facing house or flat

According to the vastu for the main entrance, the north direction invites new opportunities in its residents' life, and shades of blue on the main gate ensure these new opportunities coming into your life.

Main door color for south facing house or flat

Everybody wants money and wealth in their life. So, it is not just enough to choose the right direction for your main entrance, but you also have to choose the right color to ensure the flow of money and wealth in your life. According to the main door vastu, shades of red or pink or orange on your main door may fulfill your wish for money and wealth if you have a south facing house.

General vastu tips for your main door

After a brief description of main entrance vastu in this article, now we discuss a few do and don't tip about the main door, we should better keep in mind to prevent our home from any disadvantages of vastu:


It would help if you made the main door or gate larger than the other doors of your house according to vastu for the main entrance.

Ensure sufficient light in your main entrance.

It would help if you made the main door of wood instead of any metal. Suppose you decide to place a nameplate on your main gate.

The right side of the main door is ideal for you, according to the vastu for the main entrance. Ensure the main gate opens clockwise.


An entrance gate should be simple and beautiful. You must choose no irregularly shaped gate as your main entrance gate.

Your main gate should not be higher than the compound wall of your house.

Ensure the main door does not make any squeaky noise while you open and close the door.

Avoid any obstruction in front of your main gate.

You should never place the bathroom near the main door according to the vastu for the main entrance.

We often see people keep shoe racks in front of their main entrance. We should better avoid it. According to 'Vastu Shastra, ' shoes usually bring negative energy with them into the house from outside.

Don't position a mirror opposite the main entrance. According to 'Vastu Shastra,' the mirror reflects energy. It may be both or positive or negative. So, be careful with it.

Your main gate should never directly face the staircase or lift according to the vastu for the main door. It causes financial loss.


Q 1. How do you determine your main door position?

Answer: You should place the main entrance facing north, east, or the north-east direction according to 'Vastu Shastra.' But the scenario is different in this case. For example, if you decide to place the entrance door on the north wall, the northeast section of the north wall is ideal for it.

Q 2. Is the south-facing main door good?

Answer: Yes, if it is in the center of a south-facing wall or area. But be careful! You should not build an entrance to the right of the central point of a wall. Instead, it should face the south that is inauspicious, according to the Vastu for the main door.

Q 3. Can the main door face north?

Answer: Yes, the main door can be in the north direction. But you have to follow the auspicious Padas to bring wealth into your life.

Q 4. Which house facing is best?

Answer: According to Vastu for the main entrance, the northeast is considered the best home entrance. This zone is the most energetic because of its exposure to the morning Sun.

Q 5. Which tree is good in front of the house as per Vastu?

Answer: Lemon , Coconut, Neem, Pineapple, Sandalwood, Bilva, Jackfruit, Almond, Mango, Pomegranate, Amla and Betal are good the house, as per vastu. But you should know two facts: Plants to be planted according to the directions. Plants must not block the coming of energy into your house.

Q 6. Which idol is suitable for home entrance?

Answer: An idol of Ganesha in a sitting position is ideal for home entrance. It represents a peaceful environment at your home.

Q 7. How can I place Lord Ganesha at the entrance?

Answer: You can place Lord Ganesha in the north and northeast directions in such a way Lord Ganesha's back always faces the outside of your home.

Q 8. What if the house is south facing?

Answer: Though according to 'Vastu Shastra,' the reputation of this facing is not good. But if you follow or apply certain Vastu principles correctly, there is no problem if your house is south facing.

Auspicious padas for main door location according to vastu shastra


In a nutshell, vastu for main gate is the single most important factor in our life. As the entrance door of our house/apartment can make or destroy our life completely. So, vastu guidelines about the main entrance must be followed by us carefully. Don't worry! The Vastu experts of Applied guide us with their best possible guidance.