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Vastu for flat is a high demanding query on the internet. People who are going to buy a new flat or living in a flat have any questions about apartment vastu. Many people think that since the flat is far above the ground, the rules of Vastu Shastra do not apply to the flat or apartment. This concept is wrong in the case of vastu for flats. The same vastu rule applies to flats or apartments as to the structure on the ground. This article will benefit those looking for important vastu tips for buying a new flat or apartment. This post is also needful for those staying in an apartment or flats and want to improve their vastu. This article will be beneficial for vastu practitioners who know how to check vastu of flats correctly. I will try to guide them step by step and clarify all the queries about the vastu of flat. Let us first discuss the first query.

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Is vastu applicable for flats or apartment?

Many people have a question in their mind that " is vastu applicable for a flat"? Since vastu shastra is an ancient science and there is no mention of flats or apartments architecture, so how is today's vastu practitioner applies vastu principles for flats or apartments? To get the answer to this question, you must know the basic logic behind plot vastu just as a piece of land is treated as a separate vastu, further division of plots each segment considered a separate vastu. Similarly, each independent flat is regarded as a separate Vastu. Suppose a person has purchased a flat /apartment (1 BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, DUPLEX, etc. ) from the part of a large floor. They only bought a built-up area considered as separate Vastu for him. The same rules apply here. Just like when a magnet is broken, each piece turns into an independent magnet. So we can say that vastu shastra is applicable for flats and apartments. I hope that we have been resolved the doubts.

How To Check Vastu for Flat ?

Step-by-Step Guide

It is a common query for most people how to check vastu for a flat. From high-rise apartments to stand-alone flats, vastu checking is necessary before purchasing any flat or apartment. As builders don’t care about the vastu of a flat, their main aim is to use each inch to increase the area's square feet. There is no difference in price between ordinary property and vastu-compliant apartments, then why buy a property with vastu defect? So vastu checking for a flat is mandatory before purchasing any piece of floor.

We have prepared this article to give an in-depth flat vastu guide for all. When selecting any property, people are confused about whether a flat vastu a complaint or not and how to check their apartment correctly. AppliedVastu provides online vastu checking
services all over the globe. In this post, we try to explain the process of our Vaastu checking steps. Please read the complete topic, and it may help you to select the right property. AppliedVastu applies vastu principles logically with ancient wisdom. It can be categorized into the eight steps method of vastu checking for apartments. Just go through the eight steps and learn how to check any flats as per vastu shastra.

1. Determination of vastu direction ( Understand How to check vastu direction of flat  )

2.Checking of Flats Entrance. ( 32 Nos Pada in Paisach Bithi on Vastu Purusha Mandala )

3. Five Elements distribution on the Apartments Floor. ( Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Ether )

4. 16 Vastu Zones ( Derived from Viswakarma Prakash ) and Checking of Architectural Activity on 360 degrees.

5. Casting and Checking of Vastu Pusha Mandala ( 45 Energy Fields ).

6. Astrological Calculation for occupants.

7. Checking Flat Numbers as per Numerology.

8. Effects of Objets, Interior, Colour, Etc Presence.

Scaled maps and accurate geographical directions are the primary inputs for checking any floor plans. AppliedVastu simplified requirements for vastu check for flat, need floor plans of the apartment given by developer or brochure in pdf or image format and google drop points of the property to determine the accurate geographical direction. Also required are birth details for astrological and numerological calculation. Let’s discuss each step one by one in detail.

How to check vastu direction of flat

Before conducting Vastu checking for a flat, the vastu direction of flat  should be determined first. Basic compass or Google Maps coordinate readings are required to accurately determine cardinal directions (North, East, South, and West). In this case, keep in mind that the compass reading given in the flat often indicates the wrong direction. So, it is very important to calibrate the correct direction from the Google drop point with the directions mentioned in the brochure. 

how to check vastu direction of flat -AppliedVastu

To calibrate the readings taken through the magnetic compass or mobile Vastu compass app, the correct Vastu directions must be determined with the help of any drafting software and Google Maps. Above is a picture showing how the trusted Vastu consultancy, AppliedVastu, accurately measures the Vastu direction of a flat through Google Maps and drafting software.

Main entrance vastu for flats: Checking of the main door

The main door vastu for a flat holds the highest weight, according to many vastu specialists. The auspicious main entrance, according to vastu shastra, can become highly beneficial for its occupants. However, we observed only a few numbers of property having a natural beneficial main door. It is a difficult task to recognize such a realistic auspicious floor Plan. Therefore, you must check all the available floor plans before purchasing.

The main entrance of a flat should determine by the polar method only ( Casting of vastu Purusha mandala by angular divisions ). In the given image, we try to explain the excellent location of the main door in a shared vastu space. Among 32 entrances ( Pada ), only 9 Entrances are considered auspicious. For north-facing flats, three nos ( Mukhya, Som, Bhallat ), In the case of a south-facing flat Vitatha, Grihakshat pada are auspicious. For the east-facing, flat, Jayant and Mahendra are optimistic, and for the west-facing flat, Sugreev and Pushadant are. The most inauspicious entrances are Rog, Nag energy files for the north-facing floor, Parjyana and Akash for east facing property, Pitra, Anil, Bhringaraaj pada for the south-facing property, and Paapyakma, Sosha, Asur, Duarik for a west-facing property.

Vastu For Flat Checking | Vastu Tips for Buying New Flats | Vastu Tips for Flats

For the above-mentioned flat position of the main door, fall on the 2nd pada from the left side—the name of the pada Nag. As per various vastu shastra books ( Viswakarma Prakash, Maymont, Mansar, Samrangana Sutradhara, etc.), Naga Pada entrance is among the worst. Therefore, it is better to reject this property if you have no option correction to reduce its bad effects. It is better not to take all the flats where the apartment's main door is in the intermediate direction. The intermediate direction refers to the Southwest, Northwest, South East, and North East. Southwest-facing property is the worst of these. For northwest-facing flats, if the door falls on N1, W1, W7, then proper vastu corrections remedies have to apply to cure its evil effect. On the other hand, apartments with southeast or northeast doors can be corrected quickly.

Click here to read all about 32 nos main door vastu

Five Elements distribution on the Floor. ( Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Ether ) & 16 zones of Vastu derived from Viswakarma Prakash.

If you want to analyze the Vaastu of any flats or apartment, you must grid the floor plan accordingly. If you look at the picture below, you can understand how AppliedVastu consultancy has gridded a floor plan in 16 zones. The determination of sixteen zones is an essential tool for quick checking of each architectural activity. The location of the kitchen, bedroom, toilets, dining, worship room, living room, etc. Must be judged according to the vastu shastra. Architectural activity is particularly auspicious for a zone or direction, while the same architectural activity is very inauspicious for another spot. For example, the kitchen is perfect in the South-East, South South-East but very bad if it is in the North-East or North of the North-East. So when choosing a flat, you need to accurately determine the 16 directions and judge what architectural activity is in each zone.

If you look at the image below, you will see that 16 directions or zones have been given a specific color. Now the question is, what is the importance of these colors? In fact, these colors refer to the position of the five elements of Vastu Shastra. The foundation of Vastu Shastra stands on this Five Elements theory and Vastu Purusha Mandala. For a Particular Vastu, Architectural Activity, the color of the wall, interior, or any decorative items or shape reacts with the five elements for that specific zone. If the relationship is friendly, then no vastu defect will be created. AppliedVastu judges each zones strength with the help of a Bar chart or Vastu Strength Diagram. The bar chart Vastu method is used to balance any zone of any property with color therapy. In the case of flats or apartments, the color of the interior walls is decided based on the theory of five elements.

Flat Vastu Tips | Vastu For Flat | How to Check Vastu for Flat

Vastu Chart for Flat

If you are looking for a Vastu chart for flat on the internet which charts give you all information of best position of room, then you have come to the appropriate segment of this article. Here is a chart prepared by AppliedVastu, showing all 16 zones with ideal position of rooms.

17 of Zones of AppliedVastu Ideal Architectural Activity Remarks by AppliedVastu


( Aditya )

  Drawing Room 

Bath room / Bed Room

Bedroom at East zone

best For politician

Administrative officers & Journalist

East of South East 

( Purba Agni )


Washing machine 

Never Place

Bed Here

South East 

( Agni )


Children room

Property having

Toilets in this location

need balance

South of South-East

( Dakhin Agni )



This zone is also

good for exercise.


( Yama )

Bed Room

Rest room

Zone of Relaxation

bedroom is auspicious

South of South West 

( Dakhin Nairuti )



Bath Rooms

Bedroom and Kitchen are

this zone should avoid

South West 

( Nairuti )


Master bed Room

This is an ideal location

of Master bedroom

West of South West 

 ( Pashim Nairuti )

Study Room 


This zone is ideal

for study table


 ( Varun )

Children Room 


Dinning Room

Bed Room also

considered here good for 

Business professionals

West of North West

( Pashim Vayu )



Store Rooms.

Sleeping in this zone

may cause of


North West 

( Vayu )



 Guest room

If toilets and bathrooms

inauspicious in this zone

North Of North West 

( Uttar Vayu )

Bedroom for

new married couple

This zone is best for

Tantra Practitioner 


( Som )

Bedroom, Study Room

Business Professionals

This Zone is too important as

it is the zone of Carrier and

New Opportunity

North of North East 

( Uttar Ishaan )

Ideal Place for

keeping Medicine 

Placement of Toilets

and Kitchen may create

major Issue

North East

( Ishaan )

Puja Place 

Meditation room

Children Room

Never choose any property

Having Toilets, Kitchen

Cuts in This Place.

East Of North East

( Purba Ishaan )

Living Room

Drawing Room 

This Place is ideal for

Living or Drawing area




Puja Place

Never built staircase,column 

pillar ,Wall, Undulation

at Bhramh Navi

Vastu Tips for Buying New Flat

Today there is an excellent demand for a vastu-compliant apartments. However, many people become confused when it comes to property choice. Why do you understand how much any floor plan agrees with vastu? Let's talk about some essential vastu tips to help you know whether a flat vastu complaint or not before buying a new flat. Before purchasing any property, the developer or reseller gives you a floor plan. By looking at that plan, you can check for yourself how much the flat is vastu perfect. If you know the ideal location of the kitchen, gateway, pooja room, balcony, toilets, bedrooms, etc., it will help you select the vastu perfect flat.

Vastu Tips for mandir in flat ( pooja room /Puja Room)

There is confusion regarding puja room vastu in the flat. As lots of people try everything, they even are ready to sacrifice a lot of space for a puja room. But wait! You don't need to do that. 'Vastu Shastra' refers to the west direction as another auspicious direction for puja room next to the northeast direction. Even in most Hindu temples, the main idol is positioned in the west. Here we share few vastu guidelines for vastu-compliant puja rooms in the flat:

Must check that the idols/photos of god are around your chest height and not higher or below that.

Using any red-colored cloth in the puja room in the northeast corner of the flat is strictly prohibited, as per vastu for the flat. 

As per vastu rules for puja room, there are a few rules regarding utensils used in puja room in the flat:

Puja room in the west corner–silver or gold utensils.

Puja room in the east corner-steel, copper, or brass utensils.

Avoid making a puja room next to the toilet or below the staircase.

As per mandir vastu, the northeast, east, and southeast is better for wooden mandir, while it is better to have a white marble mandir in the west direction. There are also different directions are determined for various deities. So, it is highly recommended to consult a vastu expert for advice regarding this matter.

Vastu tips for placement of kitchen for flat

Kitchen vastu plays a significant role in vastu for flats. So, before buying an apartment, you ensure the kitchen is vastu compliant. Here we share with you few valuable kitchen vastu tips for flats: The kitchen refers to the fire element of the five elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space), which in the modern context symbolizes money or cash flow. So, the proper placement of a kitchen in a flat is essential. The ideal location for the kitchen is southeast as per vastu. You can also place your kitchen in the northwest, west, east of southwest or south, if the best option is not available for you.

Place the gas burner in the east, south, west, and northwest corner of the flat for a better kitchen vastu.

According to the vastu rules of flat, face east or south while cooking.

Never choose blue or black color for the kitchen slab if the kitchen is in the east or south corner of the flat.

The vastu experts advise using a marble slab, particularly under a gas burner.

If you have kitchen cabinets, better place them on the southern wall.

You must avoid a black or blue refrigerator if you want to place it in the kitchen.

A mixer grinder is an essential electronic gadget in a modern kitchen. It would help if you always kept it in the eastern part of the kitchen.

Vastu tips for the location of bedroom/bed for flat

A vastu complaint bedroom helps you to relax better. It spreads healing energies in your flat, rejuvenates you. But vastu defects in the bedroom may also create lots of problems in your life. Here we come with few valuable vastu tips for flat, so you can better understand or realize how you can overcome the vastu defects of the bedroom of an apartment:

The bed position or ideal sleeping position is the most crucial factor in the bedroom vastu of a flat. The magnetic energies of the earth's magnetic field flow from north to south. Therefore, we have to align our beds so that we can take advantage of these energies.

A wooden bed is ideal for a vastu perfect bedroom in a condo.

According to the vastu rules for a flat, the ideal bedroom position should be in the southwest, east, south, north, northwest, and west.

You must avoid the south-southwest (SSW ) zone for the bedroom. 5. False ceilings, water fountains, metal beds, and wires are not allowed in the bedroom. They cause many problems in the lives of the inhabitants of the flat.

As per vastu, avoid sleeping with your head towards the north (Northern Hemisphere ).

Never place a mirror opposite your bed. 8. Choose lighter shades for the walls of your bedroom.

Vastu tips for placement of toilet/toilet seat for flat

People often ignore toilet vastu. But the incorrect placement of toilets creates a lot of problems. As the bathroom is a direct link between house and health.

Placing toilets in the north, northeast, and southwest direction is inauspicious, causing significant health problems.

Choose the wall tiles according to the direction of their placement.

Never place the toilet seat directly opposite the toilet entrance.

Tips for staircase ( Duplex Flat )

 For duplex apartments placement of stairs is very important; always avoid the apartment if the position of stairs is located at the center of the built-up area.

Vastu tips for the wall color of an apartment

We all know what is 'Vastu Shastra' about. 'Vastu Shastra' is nothing but all about a balance between Pancha Tattvas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space), nature, and color vastu plays a significant part in balancing Pancha Tattvas. As each color symbolizes an element. So, an imbalance of color causes substantial health problems. Here are a few color vastu tips for flats:

The 'Vastu Shastra' advises painting walls with colors derived from nature's ingredients instead of synthetic colors.

Here are the colors mentioned below are auspicious for painting walls in a flat according to the following directions:

North shades of grey, white, blue, and green.

East brown, beige, green.

South and southeast-Shades of light pink, orange, red, maroon, and brown.

West-Shades of grey, silver, and golden.

Vastu tips for the floor slope of an apartment

The slope of the floor is also essential in vastu for the flat. It is auspicious and gives health and prosperity to the lives of the residents of the flat. Here we also come with vastu tips for slope:

According to 'Vastu Shastra' in the northern hemisphere, the sloping should always be east and north or northeast. Must avoid sloping towards south and west.

But this above rule should not apply to the southern hemisphere; instead, you should use the opposite directions (the sloping towards the south and east or southeast is correct).

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Frequently asked Questions

Which direction is good for any property ?

All four directions (East , South , West , North ) are equally good for facing of Flat. In each side have 8 pada , among 8 pada two to three pada are considered as auspicious..

Is Vastu important for flats ?

Vastu is the ancient science of Architecture , If You believe in Vastu Shastra then you may apply vastu for flat .

How can you identify your floor facing?

To Determine the facing of your Flat , you have to use Magnetic compass.

How to check vastu of flat online ?

If want to check Your Flat Vastu Online then contact with Applied Applied Vastu Provides Online as well as Onsite Vastu Checking Services For Flats and Apartments.

How help to choose Vastu Complaint Flats? provide professional Vastu consultancy Service . If You Required Our Service Please Contact +91 8240453521. For Choosing of Flat You Have to send Floor Plans Of Flat and the Direction.

Does Provided Online Service for Flats and Apartments ?

Yes ! Provide Online Service For flats and Apartment .AppliedVastu also Provides full Residential , Commercial , Industrial Vastu Solutions and Vastu Planning for Home , Flats, Office, Hospitals, Hotels, Clinic, Showroom, Commercial premises , Factory .

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