All about south facing house vastu

Many people read vastu articles before buying any property for more information or essential vastu tips. This blog on vastu for south-facing houses is for you (if you plan to buy a south-facing vastu). Most people believe in a bizarre myth related to the south facing house vastu. But is it just a myth, or is any reality lurking behind it? In this blog about south facing home vastu, you'll come to know about it step by step. Let's see:

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What are the most common myths we hear about south-facing house vastu?

As the south zone in the House of Lord Yama, the god of death, most people immediately leave the idea of purchasing when they hear the house/property is south facing. But wait! There is no auspicious or inauspicious facing specified in 'Vastu Shastra.' The south-facing home vastu, to this day, still earns an evil reputation or negative popularity. As per vastu shastra, whether you buy a house depends on many significant aspects, including Pancha Tattva's balance (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space), the exact position of the main door, location of the toilet, kitchen, bedroom, stair, etc. So, better we take myth as only myth and let's know about the facts or rules as per vastu principles for south-facing building.

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As previously said, everything auspicious or inauspicious depends on specific guidelines or rules of vastu shastra. Following that bring positive influences in people's lives, and failing to do so also can doom your life. So, in this article, we try to give you an overall conception of how you determine the actual south facing vastu? And cover everything you need to design your home with valuable information and vastu tips. Let's have a look:


• How do you determine the actual south facing building?

• Is the south-facing home vastu inauspicious?

• Main entrance vastu for south faced house

• Bedroom vastu for south-facing house

• Kitchen vastu for south facing home

• Puja room vastu for south facing home

• Toilet vastu for south facing home

• Staircase vastu for south-facing house

• Slope vastu for south-facing house

• Color vastu for south facing house

• Benefits of south-facing House

• Who is suitable for the south-facing house?

• General vastu tips for south-facing house


• Conclusion


How do you determine the actual south-facing building?

The rule is the same for all directions as per vastu shastra'.It is simple. Suppose you face south while stepping out of the house through the main entrance. You live in a south facing house vastu. You can use a magnetic compass for more accuracy. Better consult our vastu specialist of Applied Vastu for better guidance regarding it.

What is south facing house vastu-What south facing home vastu - South facing vastu - Vastu tips for south facing house -vastu for south facing house - South facing home-Applied Vastu


Is the south-facing home inauspicious?

It is true, people living in a south facing house vastu sometimes face ill fate, financial loss, mental instability, accidents. But according to vastu shastra, that could happen in any facing property. We should not make a particular facing responsible for misfortune and labeled him inauspicious. The problems may lie in vastu defects of the house. So, like any myth, this myth considering south-facing vastu homes inauspicious results from improper vastu knowledge and lack of guidance of a vastu specialist among people. If you can adequately follow vastu rules while designing a house, any house can bring prosperity to your life. As per vastu shastra, the position of 32 deities in the Vastu Purusha Mandala rules everything. So, while planning to buy a property, we should care about them, including other facts, and make sure not to take any decision without the vastu expert's opinion.


The main entrance vastu for south faced the house.

The main entrance or the main door plays the most critical role in any house, as it works as a channel between energies (indoor and outdoor). So, as an owner, you must be cautious about placing the main entrance. If you are familiar with the concept of Pada in the vastu Purusha mandala, you should know that not each padas is suitable for entering each zone. But if you are not familiar with this concept, don't panic! Our Vastu experts help you with accurate information related to this concept. However, many Vastu advisors advise avoiding the south facing home vastu because of the complex nature of its padas. So, better consult an expert who knows better about it and make the best out of everything. Among 32 Padas in Vastu Purusha Mandala, only 8 Padas are in charge of the south zone. They are Anila, Pusha, Vithatha, Gruhakshat, Yama, Gandharva, Bhringraj, Mrigha (From top to bottom-S1 to S8, see the diagram below). Among 8 Padas, only 2 Padas: Vithatha, Gruhakshat are auspicious for the main entrance of your south facing house vastu. These 2 Pada are believed to bring immense prosperity and fame to the lives of the inhabitants. Gruhakshat Pada is beneficial for actors, media persons. But vastu strictly prohibits the rest of the other Padas from the main entrance.

Main Entrance for south facing house vastu- Main door south facing home vastu - South facing vastu - Vastu tips for south facing house -vastu for south facing house - South facing home - Applied Vastu


Benefits of south-facing house

If you can follow the above guidelines carefully, you will see that living in a southern-facing house vastu can be exceptionally beneficial for you despite the common myths. Now, it's time to know the benefits or advantages of having south faced home vastu:

• The most significant benefit or gift of an owner of a south-facing house is the ample amount of sunlight that fills your home with positive vibes.

• Southern facing property brings massive success and prosperity in the lives of the inhabitants (especially a business person’s family gets immense advantages from this property).

• Because of the adequate amount of sunlight living in a southern facing house has tremendous health benefits (both physical and mental). Particularly for colder climate zones, this is an add-on feature.


Who is suitable for the south-facing house?

Like the other facing, the south facing house vastu is also not for every individual. So, evaluate the competence of the occupants of the house with their profession and their zodiac signs before you make any purchase deal. Profession Wise So, which job role or professions the south-facing house is ideal for? Planet Mars is the ruler of this direction, represents element fire. Let’s see the perfect profession associated with it:

• Judiciary service, Police, Lawyers, etc.

• IAS/IPS Personals

• Military and Paramilitary force

• Security and bodyguard services

• Manufacturing business owners

• Factory owners

• Actors, musicians,

• Surgeons and nurses

• Property dealers

• Entertainment industry personals


Astrological signs wise

Apart from professions, the astrological signs of the inhabitants also determine the suitability of the south-facing property. Let’s have a look at the particular zodiac signs suited for a south facing home vastu:

• Kanya or Virgo

• Vrishabha or Taurus

• Makar or Capricon


Bedroom vastu for south facing house

As per vastu rules for south-facing houses, the north and east corner of the house are the best options for placing bedrooms. The master bedroom is always the primary concern of any vastu expert. So, as per the south-facing vastu rules, the vastu specialists advise considering the bedroom on the southwest and west side as the master bedroom. The northeast part of the property is ideal for the children's bedroom and the northwest for a guest room.


Kitchen vastu for south facing home

The kitchen, a sacred place, as the food prepared here gives us strength and energy to perform our daily work. So, the correct placement of the kitchen is very critical for every home vastu. South-facing building vastu is no exception. However, it is widely believed that the southeast, northwest, west are always the best option for a kitchen. As this zone symbolizes the fire element, and we all know, the kitchen refers to the fire element. So, a perfect balance between the two is essential for making a vastu-compliant kitchen. But sometimes, it does not work in the same way as you think, as the ideal direction or zone changes as per the house's orientation. If you live in a south facing vastu, the southeast direction is the best option to make a perfect balance of the elements fire; and gives you a healthy life. If this zone is not available for the kitchen, you may consider the northwest corner another choice.


Toilet vastu for south-facing building

Do you know? A toilet is the most frequently used place in every house than any other room of the house. An improper toilet vastu causes loss of wealth, health hazards, and even minor accidents. Then how could we leave toilet vastu uncared? We also should not ignore the most important things that have a deep relationship: the septic tank and the water outlet. As per vastu for the toilet, placing the bathroom in the west-of Northwest(WNW) zone is most recommended by the Applied vastu experts. Keep it in mind, for the south facing house vastu, and there should not be any water storage or water outlet in the southern part of the house, causing financial losses and court cases. As for the septic tank, the south of southwest corner (SSW) is the ideal location.


Staircase vastu for south facing home

Many people are unaware of the fact that the staircase also plays a vital part in home vastu. The ideal location for making the staircase of your house is the east, west, north, or southwestern region. We see most of the people carry a misconception (because of the myth) that for south facing house staircase could only be made in the southern part. For this reason, they usually make it in the front part of the house. Even walking under the staircase, as per staircase vastu rules for the south facing home, must be avoided at any cost. We should also be careful about whether the staircase is clockwise or anti-clockwise. So, it is highly recommended to consult a vastu consultant for advice before making a staircase in your south facing vastu home.


Puja room vastu for south facing home

Puja room, the home of deities, is also synonymous with the temple in many houses, is the epicenter of divine positive energies. So, you should be very careful about positioning the puja room of your house in the right place. The northeast and west part of your home vastu is best for building the puja room as per Puja room vastu for the south-facing house. This is also the ideal choice for creating the puja room. But due to space constraints, if a separate puja room may not be possible, you can use a small part of your living room (the northwest region is ideal for the living room also) for puja room.

Slope vastu for south facing house

The slope vastu role is the same for any house, irrespective of its directional orientation. The slope of your home always should be inclined towards the north, east, or northeast area. So, make sure that the south side is a little higher than the north/east side. You should never consider slope vastu as insignificant in overall home vastu. Your ignorance can invite unwanted complications in your life.

Color vastu for south facing home

There are specific color guidelines in vastu shastra that we must consider while planning to paint the rooms of the house, as each room symbolizes some critical aspect of our life. Any unwise choice can create a vastu imbalance in the place and is considered a significant vastu defect. However, you must be careful whenever you choose the color of the facade. Remember, it is most crucial. For the front, if you choose the lighter colors, then go for light shades of red and orange; better avoid black, grey, or even blue. You should also choose the colors of the internal walls wisely.

Vastu for south facing House - South facing House Vastu


General vastu tips for south facing house vastu

Being an owner of a south-facing house vastu or living in a south-facing property, you must know what to do or what to avoid for best results. So, here we come with a few valuable do and don’t tip of our vastu experts:


• If you want to design a garden in your south entrance home, the South East or Southside (only) is ideal for it as per vastu.

• For kitchen vastu, make sure that you face east while cooking.

• The walls on the south & southwest should be higher and thicker than the walls of the north.

• If you want to keep an open area in your south-facing vastu, holding it towards the east and north sides is ideal.



• As per south facing house vastu, the Southwest corner is inauspicious for the main entrance.

• Placing a kitchen in the Southwest & Northeast corner is strictly prohibited as per ‘Vastu Shastra.’

• You should better avoid random placement of mirrors in a south-facing house.

• It would help if you were careful about not making the staircase in the Brahmasthan at any cost.

• The Garden in the Southwest corner is a strict no in the south-facing house vastu.

• Before making a purchase deal, ensure that the plot does not slop from north to south.

• The southern corner should be better to avoid a parking lot.

• You should not buy a south-facing house vastu at any cost if you can find a crossroad or T-junction in front of a south-facing plot.




Q1. Why south facing house is bad?

Answer: South facing vastu homes are wrong because of the belief that the Dakshina or South direction is the home of Lord Yama, the God of Death. For this reason, there is a common belief that south-facing houses invite misfortune in the lives of the occupants. Though according to ‘Vastu Shastra,’ it is nothing but a lack of knowledge. Because if you labeled a particular facing house as bad from this perspective, then any facing should be wrong.


Q2. What is south facing house entrance as per vastu shastra?

Answer: Stepping out of your house through the main door, if you face south, then it is nothing but a south-facing entrance.


Q3. Is the south-facing main entrance good?

Answer: It depends on the right Pada. If the main entrance is on the right Pada as per vastu for south facing house, yes, it brings good fortune.


Q4. What are the disadvantages of south-facing home vastu?

Answer: You already know (if you follow the vastu blogs on the internet regularly) that the advantages and the disadvantages of any house/property/apartment depend on faulty construction, which means you did not follow the vastu rules while constructing your house. For a south-facing home, it results in huge debts and financial losses. South direction is the direction of Lord Yama, so you should be extra careful. Before constructing anything here, you must need a vastu expert’s guidance or advice.



In a nutshell, over the years, because of its negative popularity and because of the complex nature of its main entrance south, many vastu Pandits south entrance home vastu. They advise you to choose the other facings if any option is available for you. However, the truth reveals that south-facing houses vastu are super lucky for some with particular professions that perfectly go with this direction. Suppose we can keep a balance between the five elements(Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space). of nature following the vastu advice, living on a south entrance property never becomes a stressful chapter of our life. So, for a complete vastu analysis for south-facing house vastu, feel free to consult with our best vastu experts of Applied Vastu.