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Every night you desire 8 hours of a sound sleep with no interruption. But how hard you try; you end up tossing and turning in your bed all night with restlessness as sleep lives miles away from your eyes. You are ready to blame your family or work-related stress as the prime culprit. But if we ask, do you know what the reason behind it is? Do you know that your sleeping direction or head position while sleeping may be responsible for it, according to vastu shastra?

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Sleeping direction as per vastu - Ideal sleeping direction - Best Vastu direction as per vastu-Applied Vastu

We pay most of our attention to the bed, pillows, mattress to ensure a comfortable sleep. Even while planning to invest our hard-earned money to make a beautiful home, we often consult vastu experts for suggestions related to the direction of the kitchen, living room, even bedroom to ensure a proper balance between nature's five elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Space). We know a good balance between these elements attracts happiness, positivity, and abundance in life. But we often ignore or cannot realize sleeping is no exception from them to which we give so much importance to invite positive energies. According to vastu shastra, the ideal sleeping direction may be responsible for peaceful sleep and physical and mental well-being.

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Thanks to mother nature! She has rewarded us with a magical gift known as sleep. According to vastu shastra, positive energy and negative energy both encompass us as friends and enemies. Still, our orientation to the earth's magnetic field determines to which one we'll give a chance in our life. So, now we can understand how sleeping directions as per vastu matter immensely to works as a channel to both energies. However, here we come with few guidelines for sleeping directions and the other significant facts or tips that also influence sleeping positions according to the vastu shastra.

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• Sleeping direction as per vastu

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Bed Position as per Vastu

According to the vastu guidelines for sleeping, you can place your bed head towards the south or east in your bedroom. It will help if you set your bed so that your legs point towards the north or the east-west. We understand it isn't easy, especially in tiny bedrooms, as most of us don't have an enormous bedroom. However, we have to try not to push the bed against the walls in the room's corner. Because it creates a blockage into flowing positive energy freely through the area, we must have enough space to move around, so we keep the bed along the central part of the wall. What should be the bed position in the master bedroom? Which is also the bedroom of the head of the family?

As per vastu rules for sleeping direction, the sleeping direction in the master bedroom should either be the south or the east-west. As the head of the family should be a healthy person, it influences the entire well-being of the family members. Though there are no strict guidelines, make sure that the bed in your kid's room is not placed in front of the door.

The orientation of the bed in the guest room should be in the west direction—similarly, the placement bed for a new married couple should be in the southwest part of any room. Apart from these simple vastu guidelines, there are also few rules regarding the bed positions. So, for more information, feel free to consult the vastu specialists of the Applied Vastu.

Sleeping Direction as per Vastu

We have to keep in mind not all directions are suitable for sleeping as per vastu. As different directions have unique attributes which influence our life deeply. Let's have a glance:

Sleeping with head towards the north - Sleeping direction as per vastu - head towards north direction-Applied Vastu

Sleeping with head towards the north

If you believe in vastu, you should know vastu rules for sleeping towards the north. A dead body is laid with its head towards the north until cremation. Hindu tradition also believes that the soul takes north as its route while it starts towards the next world, exiting the body. So, how could a living man sleep with his head in the north direction? Besides this, we know the magnetic pole of the earth extends from the north to the south. If we compare the human body with a magnetic bar, the top of the head is positively charged, and the bottom of the feet is negatively charged.

The positive pole is in the north and the negative pole is in the south. Two positive poles create a force that causes sleep disturbance and lots of health hazards and neurological diseases. Even the people trying to recover from a long time serious illness, sleeping with their head in the north delay their recovery. So, sleeping with your head in the north achieves strict no certificate from the vastu experts for these vast numbers of adverse side effects.

Sleeping with head towards the south - Sleeping direction as per vastu - head towards south direction-Applied Vastu

Sleeping with head towards the south

This direction is one of the best sleeping directions as per vastu. If we want quality sleep and want to get enriched with positive vibrations, this direction should be the best choice. According to 'Vastu Shastra,' the south is the house of deity 'Yama,' so it gives us a deep, heavy, sound sleep. Going back to the earth's magnetic field theory ensures a balance between positive and negative energies. It draws positive energy into the body rather than out. Sleeping with the head towards the south offers health, wealth, and happiness in life.

Sleeping with head towards the east - Sleeping direction as per vastu - head towards east direction-Applied Vastu

Sleeping with head towards the east

We know the Sun rises in the east every morning. So, this direction is considered the best sleeping direction if you want to start your next day with a fresh feeling. According to vastu shastra, 'it is a good sleeping position for students, as it increases concentration and sharpens memory. It is also an excellent sleeping position for research scholars and people related to any academic field, as it helps achieve overall success in academic life. According to science, the electromagnetic forces of our universe are neutral here. So, the east is ideal for keeping our head while sleeping or taking a quick nap.

Sleeping with head towards the west - Sleeping direction as per vastu - head towards west direction-Applied Vastu

Sleeping with head towards the west

We find little research regarding sleeping with a head towards the west. There are mixed results as some people feel comfortable while nightmares and scary thoughts haunt some people. But many vastu experts suggest that if you want to become a successful businessperson or look for progress in the workplace, this is probably the best sleeping direction for you. However, you better avoid this direction (while sleeping) which shows such confusing results. Besides this, our heads towards the west and our legs towards the east bring wealth to us. Similarly, heads towards the south or west direction with our toes pointing towards the north or east are also considered ideal per sleeping direction as per vastu.

Sleeping Direction for Couples

In vastu shastra, there are sleeping direction guidelines for everyone. How could couples be an exception? The couple can rest their head towards the south, east, or west direction as per vastu rules for sleeping.

Sleeping Direction for Children

We should not forget our kids when we follow the sleeping direction guidelines as per vastu shastra. Children should sleep with their heads towards an east or south direction. It provides them with calmness and peace of mind. It may not be possible that your kids are ready to follow this sleeping direction as per vastu from the start. So, slowly make it their habit.

Bed Position, Color, Furniture

Do you know that the bed's position, the color of the walls, and the use of the right furniture in the bedroom also work together to give you a comfortable sleep? But our chief aim is to get maximum positive energies from everything and keep any negativity at bay. The position of the bedroom according to sleeping direction according to vastu must be in the east, north, west, and northwest exposure. Make your bedroom clean and clutter-free with minimal use of furniture.

There is a common belief that bright colors brighten our entire world. But don't follow this common belief when choosing the color of your bedroom walls. Don't use too many bright colors for bedroom walls. Always use colors that soothe your eyes, as the bedroom is the place for rest. You can use light colors white, baby pink, etc., to paint your bedroom walls. However, if you want more clarification about the suitable colors for the bedroom, you can consult vastu consultants (Applied Vastu), who provide you best guidance regarding color guidelines.

Few Vastu tips for Sleeping Direction

Good sleep keeps our mind joyful the entire day, keeps our mind alert, and helps us make the right decision in life and at the workplace. Here we come with few Vastu tips for better sleeping. • You should put your bed with some space on both sides for better energy circulation helps to sleep better.

• If you are a couple, then make sure that the wife sleeps on the left side, and the husband sleeps on the right side.

• sleeping with your feet pointing toward north or west is also ideal according to the sleeping direction, as per vastu as it attracts good luck and fortune.

Best sleeping direction - Ideal sleeping direction as per vastu - sleeping direction-Applied Vastu


General Vastu Tips for Sleeping Direction

Besides these significant facts, directions, and tips, we also provide some extra information about what to do and what to avoid to ensure a peaceful sleep duration. What to do • The bed must be made of wood.

• To encourage togetherness, the couple should always choose one mattress for sleep.

• A square or rectangular-shaped bed is ideal for sleeping according to the sleeping direction as per vastu. What to avoid

• Avoid metal or wrought iron bed for sleeping. It creates negative vibrations.

• Do not use oval or irregular-shaped beds.

• You should not sleep beneath any beams. It may lead to sleep disturbance.

• You must not keep a window open behind your head while sleeping according to the sleeping direction, as per vastu.

• To see the reflection of one's sleeping body is inauspicious, according to vastu shastra. Don't keep any mirror in front of the bed.

• Don't sleep with feet pointing in the southern direction.

• Also, avoid pointing your leg towards the entrance of the bedroom. It causes nightmares.

• Most of us use storage under or below bed because of limited space, but it disrupts the energy field, which causes sleep disturbance.

• Avoid keeping electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc., on the bed while sleeping. It generates magnetic waves that cause issues like insomnia.


Q 1. Which is the best direction to sleep?

Answer: Sleeping with head in the south is the best direction to sleep. But you can sleep with your head in the east or west direction as well.

Q 2. Which side is best for sleeping?

Answer: Sleeping on your left side is the best side for sleeping according to the sleeping vastu rules. It also helps indigestion.

Q 3. Which direction should we not sleep?

Answer: We should not sleep as north to south direction. This position is considered the worst direction. (It is applicable for the northern hemisphere only)

Q 4. In which direction should we sleep as a Hindu or according to the Hindu religion?

Answer: According to Hindu Dharma, we should sleep in the east-west direction. Sleeping with a head in the east enhances memory, concentration power, promotes good health, and inclination towards spirituality.

Q 5. Does direction affect sleep?

Answer: Yes, different directions have unique attributes. So, sometimes they have adverse effects as well as positive effects on sleep. Sleeping with your head or feet in the wrong direction affects sleep.

Conclusion :

In a nutshell, we can say it is good to decorate your house with attractive interiors. But we also need a peaceful night to sleep. We design and style our bedroom according to the Vastu Shastra. But, sleeping disorder is still the latest issue in the modern world. Don't panic! Just follow the tips and guidelines discussed above and consult the best Vastu experts of Applied Vastu. Com. They try hard to provide you with better guidance about this matter by modifying or changing a few things about your sleeping.