All about west facing house vastu

Whether you believe it, when it comes to constructing a new house or purchasing an existing one, we always prefer homes either north-faced or east-faced. We are inclined to buy a west facing house vastu, and only there are no other options available for us. But, what is the reason for this partiality? Just like the south-facing house vastu, is there any myth behind it? Let’s reveal:

West facing house vastu - West facing home vastu - vastu for west facing house


Does west facing house vastu bring misfortune?

The myth we used to hear since our childhood from our parents and grandparents. We sometimes think that the houses facing west are inauspicious. This misconception takes birth from the belief that as the sun rises in the east, this zone is associated with light/brightness, therefore auspicious, and as the sun sets in the west, this zone is associated with darkness, consequently inauspicious. But wait! You should not believe simply anything you hear without inspecting the truth. Do you know? Sometimes, a lack of knowledge handles it, but some real estate agents intentionally profit.

As,’ Vastu shastra’ never claims that north is an excellent direction to build a house and west is terrible. As per the Indian vastu experts, all the houses, irrespective of the direction, are auspicious and significant. They comply with vastu and follow all the Vastu rules. So, why will you leave the opportunity if you get a west facing home vastu with a great offer and locality? In this blog about west-facing house vastu, you’ll come to know everything about the vastu facts and defects and a west-facing property step by step. Let’s see:

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If you plan to buy a west-facing property but have a slight hesitation in your mind before making any purchase deal. Then this blog is just for you. This article not only gives you an overall conception of what is the west facing house vastu? This article describes everything you need to design your west house as per the vastu, including the main door, bedroom, kitchen and puja room position, etc. Let’s have a look:

• What is a west-facing vastu?

• Who can buy a west-facing house vastu?

• Main entrance in a west-facing home vastu

• Bedrooms in a west-facing vastu home

• Kitchen in a west-facing house

• Puja room in a west-facing building vastu

• Toilet and septic tank in a west-facing home

• Staircases in a west-facing building

• Slope vastu for a west faced house

• Color guidelines in a west-facing house vastu

• Benefits of west facing house vastu

• General vastu tips for a west-facing house


• Conclusion

What Is A West-Facing Vastu?

Many people depend on the sun to calculate the accurate direction, just as they do in an east-facing house vastu. But because of the earth’s tilting position of a 23.5-degree axis, it changes. So, determining the exact west direction may be a little tricky, but it is not rocket science. If a house faces the west, then it is a west facing home vastu. For better understanding, stand inside your home by facing your main door or gate. If you meet the west, then you are living in a west-facing home. See the picture given below to understand what is meant by west facing house.

How to find west facing house - West facing house vastu - Vastu for west facing home - vastu tips for west facing home


Who Can Buy A West-Facing Vastu?

Many people assume an overall vastu compliant home suits, everyone. But apart from other significant vastu facts, the suitability for living in west-facing vastu homes depends on the owners’ zodiac signs and the owners’ job roles. Profession Wise Persons with the following jobs are most suitable for a west facing vastu:

• Lawyers and legal advisors

• Chef and culinary professionals

• Animal doctors

• Detective and private investigators

• Physiologists and therapists

• Social workers

• Financial advisors

• Teachers and tutors

• Landscaper artists and gardeners

• Doctors and nurses

• Restaurant owners

• IT professionals

• Stock market traders

• Research and development professionals

• Real-estate brokers

• Media professionals


Astrology Wise

Like the professions, these following zodiac sign peoples are most suitable with west-facing Vastu:

• Gemini (Mithuna)

• Libra (Tula)

• Aquarius (Kumbha)

These above-pointed persons are the best suited for seeking a west-facing home. However, they can be compatible with other properties as well.


Main Entrance In A west-facing house vastu

One of the essential vastu tips for the west-facing homes is the house and main entrance direction. It is vital to consider while doing the west-facing home vastu. According to vastu shastra, eight padas are on the west side of a vastu, namely Pitra, Dauvarika, Sugriva, Pushpdanta, Varuna, Asura, Shosha, and PapayakSma. Among them, the two padas Sugriva and Pushpdanta are highly favorable for the main entrance of a west-facing home and help attain substantial financial gain. The rest of the other padas are inauspicious as per vastu for west facing house vastu. In simple words, the best direction for placing the main door entrance is the Mid-West or part of the home. Also, using some metalwork on your west-facing door (metal name board, metallic doorbell) will be suitable for your home, and try to make it clutter-free. Keep the dustbins or broken furniture away from the main door.

Main door vastu for west facing House - Main entrance for west facing house vastu


Bedrooms In A West-Facing Vastu

Ensure that your bedroom is perfectly aligned to the elements of nature to get quality sleep, and hence it is essential to decide the right place for the bedroom. In the west-facing house vastu, the south-western corner is considered the perfect direction for placing the master bedroom of the house. The south, west, and northwest corners of the house are ideal for the children’s rooms, guest rooms.


Kitchen In A West-Facing House

The kitchen is also an important area of our house as it is the place where we cook our foods, and it holds the health and nutrition of the family. Also, as it contains the fire element, to keep the balance, we have to place it in the correct zone of the house as per vastu. Putting it in any wrong direction can cause lots of financial and health problems. According to the vastu shastra, the southeast is the best direction for placing the kitchen. One should strictly avoid the north-eastern corner of the west-faced house for the kitchen. Also, make sure that the kitchen counter and cooktop faces eastside.


Puja Room In A West-Facing house vastu

Temple or puja room is an important place where you can worship your God and channel all the divine energies around you. In Indian temples, the idols are west faced so the pilgrims can face the idols on their eastern side. Ensure your house has this similarity too. According to the vastu, the north-eastern zone, the most energized zone, is considered the best place for placing the Puja room. But not every house has a separate space for the puja room. In this situation, make your living room in the North-East direction, place a small temple for puja, and ensure that you stand in the same direction to worship.


Toilet And Septic Tank In A West-Facing house vastu

Placing the toilets and septic tanks in the right direction matters the most. For carrying all the waste of your house, these are full of negative energies and can lead to severe injuries or health issues if not placed correctly. We consider placing the septic tanks on the front side of the house, but it will be dangerous for the west facing home. According to Vastu, the south of the southwest (SSW) and west of the northwest (WNW) are the ideal places for the septic tanks and east of the southeast (ESE) for the toilets in a west-facing house vastu.


Staircases In A West-Facing Vastu

Both internal and external staircases can bring tremendous problems if placed incorrectly. According to the vastu shastra, the ideal directions for installing a staircase in a west-faced house are the southern, south-western, and western parts of the house. North and northeast should be strictly avoided, as it can bring enormous financial and neurological problems. If you consider placing the staircases in the southwest part of the south and west sides of a house, then make them anti-clockwise, and for the southern part of the southwest direction, run them clockwise.


Slope Vastu In A West Facing House

Many vastu experts ignore the slope vastu as a trivial fact. They forget that every vastu points work together to make your home a vastu perfect house. However, in west facing house vastu, the northwest corner must be below. Ensure that the slope directs downwards to the northeast corner from the southwest, southwest, southeast, and northwest corner down to the northeast corner.


Color Guidelines In A West Facing House

We see color plays a crucial role in home vastu. According to the vastu shastra, we should use neutral tones like white, silver, yellow, and beige for our west-facing house vastu if our focus is to enhance positive energies in our households. However, a light shade of blue is perfect as per vastu to get more benefits from the west direction if you find your house is spread more towards the west than any other direction. Please don’t use too many bright tones for your west-facing home; they can overwhelm your west-facing household.


Benefits of west facing house vastu

Leave the myth related to west facing home vastu as only myth. Because living in a western-facing house can be exceptionally beneficial. Now let’s see how:

• The no.1 benefit we get from a west-facing house is the cozy warmth and glow of the evening sun until the late hours.

• Do you belong to a politician family, or do you want to be a future politician? Then grab the opportunity! A West-facing house is a perfect option for you.

• According to some vastu shastra, west facing house brings energy and positive vibes in youngsters’ lives. They enjoy living in a west-facing house than others.

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General Vastu Tips for A West Facing House

In the modern age, being an owner of any property is not enough. You should consult a vastu expert to get a happy, joyous life in an overall vastu-compliant home. Even you must know what to do and what you should avoid in any property vastu/home vastu. So, here we come with a few valuable do and don’t tip of our vastu experts:



• Always determine the west side of a house with a satellite compass.

• Make sure that your main entrance is placed in the Sugriva and Pushpdanta padas.

• If you are an owner of a multi-floored house, the bedroom should be in the southwest corner, but make sure it is in the topmost position.

• You can also choose the northwest zone for the kitchen as the second option if the auspicious southeast is not available for the kitchen as per west facing house vastu.

• Make sure that you have placed your kitchen in the south-eastern corner of your house.

• If the property is sloped, make sure the sloping direction is from south to north.

• For west-facing house vastu, the south and west sides should be a little thicker and higher than the east and north side.

• It is believed more windows in the north and east direction help to balance energy flow.

• Follow all the directed locations for the specific places of your house. If need, consult with an expert.

• Before making any purchase deal, be careful. You must consult with vastu consultants.



• Avoid determining the west side of your property with the sunset.

• Avoid sleeping under any beam or wall partition.

• Avoid sleeping by pointing your legs towards your bedroom door.

• Avoid purchasing a property having a sloping direction from north to south.

• Do not go for a property having an extension in its southern or south-eastern parts.

• Avoid buying a property with a blockage (trees, electric poles) in front of the main entrance.

• Do not consider a property having thinner south and west boundaries than north and east.

• We should avoid the southwest zone for the kitchen.

• In a multi-stored house, we must not make the kitchen directly under or over the bathroom, master bedroom, or puja room.



Q1. Is west-facing house vastu good?

Answer: Yes. Each facing or direction is auspicious as long as it follows vastu guidelines and as long as you do not ignore any vastu tip (i.e., slope, staircase) as insignificant.

Q2. Should we buy a west-facing house vastu?

Answer: Whether we should buy a particular facing house depend on our choice. Before purchasing any property, we should consult with a vastu specialist. According to them, if the balance between the five elements (Water, Air, Sky, Fire, and Space) of nature is right there with important Vastu facts. We should buy that property/house. West facing house is no exception.

Q3. Does west facing house get sun?

Answer: The west-facing houses get late afternoon sunlight because of the directional facing. But if you are a fan of morning sunlight. The west-facing home may disappoint you.

Q4. Is the west-facing main entrance good?

Answer: The west-facing main entrance is good if it is placed precisely in the middle of the west. However, If the door falls towards the northwest and southwest, then it is inauspicious.

Q5. What are the disadvantages of west facing house vastu?

Answer: According to some vastu architects, west-facing homes remain hot during most of the day because of getting the sun’s heat for a longer duration than east-facing homes. For the same reason, if the doors and windows placed in the west direction get damaged faster than in other directions.

Q6. What should be kept in the west direction of the house?

Answer: According to vastu shastra, the west direction represents the element metal or space. This direction is associated with the happiness of the family members. Therefore, according to ‘Vastu shastra,’ it is auspicious if we place a metal object in the west corner of the house.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, I can only suggest that the facing of the house doesn’t matter if you follow all the vastu rules and the property is vastu compliant. Follow all the vastu rules and the directions to make a healthy living on the property. But it must be an uphill task for you, as you are not a vastu specialist. No need to worry! Please consult with our best vastu experts of Applied Vastu before purchasing a west-facing property to get brief suggestions on everything.