Vastu tips for office and workplace

Vastu guidence for office premises

The office vastu is the place that helps us to earn our bread and gives us a name, fame, and earning, which is the key to leading a happy life and fulfilling all our desires. It is also a place where we spend most of the time working.

If the work environment is favorable, motivating, and blissful, it may directly lead to success and growth. A vastu complaint office ensures financial prosperity and business stability. Vastu of an office plays a crucial role in everything we do in the office.

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So, why do we need vastu for office? We need a vastu perfect office to build an optimistic professional work culture for both the management and the employees to make the best use of their office space for success and profits. In this article, we will learn in detail about vastu for office premises. Now let us discuss the content of this article.


Have you hired the best staff, new accessories, unique logo, and excellent services for your product? But you cannot be satisfied with the inflow of income in the year ending despite investing complex works and money. Right! The reason may be the vastu for office is not perfect. No need to give your brain so much stress! Here we come with our most discussed topics on vastu guidelines for offices to bring prosperity:

#1 Vastu for the office building

#2 Vastu for office entrance

#3 Vastu for office reception

#4 Vastu for office boss's cabin

#5 Vastu for conference room

#6 Vastu for office desk

#7 Toilet position in office as per vastu

#8 Staircase vastu for the commercial office building

#9 General vastu tips for office

#10 FAQ on office vastu

Vastu for office building

The orientation of office and plots play a crucial role for the smooth flowing of money and success per vastu guidelines for office. Many people venture into business without giving importance to vastu for office building regarding plot and direction. As a result, they never get their expected success.

The direction of the office building as vastu

According to vastu guidelines for offices, the direction of office building depends on the business nature and purposes—each direction is associated with unique vastu characteristics. North is associated with wealth and new order. We know these directions attract good fortune and positivity to business. "Kubera," the lord of wealth, is the God of the north direction. Therefore, constructing an office building in this location benefits the business financially.

Similarly, the east direction is perfect for you if you have a service industry-related office. The southeast is the location for cash flow as this zone is ruled by the goddess Laxmi. So this direction is perfect for the office for financial activity. Always keep it in mind, that the office must be in a crowded place rather than a lonely one and should be surrounded by running roads to invite prosperity in business.

The plot of the office building

Most businesspersons often face confusion regarding the vastu perfect plot for their office. According to the vastu for office, sher mukhi plots (lion-faced) are ideal for the buildings built for commercial purposes. This plot's shape signifies a lion, the symbol of power, efficiency, and control. A sher mukhi plot is wider on the front side while narrow on the backside. Facing sher mukhi commercial property is too important.

Vastu for office entrance

If you want to seriously follow the vastu rules for office or workplace to bring prosperity to your business and life, then the location of office entrances really matters. The correct location of an office door brings positive energy to your office. According to vastu shastra for the main entrance, there are 32 entrances suitable for any office space. All cardinal direction (east, south, west, and north) is split into eight appropriate doors. But only some of these entrances are beneficial for office entrance. Again, not all office entrances are suitable for different businesses. To get the best positive results from your hard work, choose according to your business as per office vastu specialists.

However, according to some office vastu myths, the main office entrance must face north or east direction. Don't follow such tales. All gates in north or eastern directions are not suitable as per vastu—no need to worry about your office entrance from the west or south. If that entrance is located at an auspicious pada, then south or west-facing office vastu brings prosperity.

Keep in mind that the entrance door must never be on the side of an interior wall because it may block the positive energies from coming in.

Vastu for office boss' cabin

The business head or the boss is the most eminent person in an office. The total growth or the stability of any business depends on him. So, he always must be under the influence of a positive field as per office vastu.

Here we come with few guidelines to make office boss cabin vastu perfect: As per vastu guidelines for office, an office boss or business head's cabin should always be southwest. Boss's cabin at SW brings stability for the decision-making or thinking process.

As per office vastu, the southern zone is another attractive choice for an office cabin if it is not possible. The seat of the office head (while sitting) should always face towards the north or northeast, or east direction, and his back towards the south or southwest direction.

The shape of the office cabin should be rectangular or square. An irregular and odd-shaped office cabin is not a good idea according to the vastu principles for an office cabin. Freshness, proper light, and the right color are always important. These facts increase the power of vastu. Another fact we should keep in mind that he never sits under any beam while working.

Heavy energy created by these beams (particularly beneath them) affects him mentally. The toilet or washroom should not construct directly in front of his desk.

Vastu for office conference room

A conference room or meeting room also plays a significant role in business growth by bringing you reliable clients and ensuring the perfect sales of your product. Thus, it helps you to get good connections. So, as making a conference room vastu compliant, build it in the northwest or east direction.

Vastu for office desk

You never get the best results from your hard work, despite the best vastu location of your office. Do you want to know the reason? Because you may not follow the vastu rules or tips of the vastu experts for your office table or desk. So, here we come with the best possible tips according to vastu for office: A rectangular or square shape is ideal for your office table.

Avoid any irregular-shaped table as an office desk. Follow 1:2 length and breadth for your office table to prevent delay and confusion in work.

We have considered God as the supreme power. So, we cannot place him on an office desk with day-to-day things. The idols should always be kept at a particular place.

Keep the office clean and clutter-free. It creates a good impression and positive effects as per office vastu.

Position of the toilet in office as per vastu

We often pay no attention to the position of the washroom in the office while we keep other things on our priority list. According to the vastu principles for office, we can choose the three best potential zones (east of southeast, south or southwest, west or northwest) for washrooms. But washrooms in the wrong zones can activate the negative energy of that place. For this reason, we should consult an Applied Vastu expert before deciding the location of the office toilet by own.

Staircase vastu for the commercial office building

Are you confused? Because you cannot decide which position in your office is best to construct a staircase. No need to worry, then vastu specialists are always ready with tips. According to Applied Vastu, the south, west, east, or southwest zone is ideal for constructing a staircase for your commercial office building. But, avoid the center and northeast position to prevent the financial losses of the owner. You are confused about colors also! According to vastu shastra, you should not choose dark shades like black and red; instead, light shades are preferable to paint your vastu perfect office staircases. Just follow the vastu suggestions again.

General vastu tips for office

After a brief description of office vastu and guidelines to enhance the positive energy in the office or workplace, here we come with the tips of the vastu specialists about what to do and what to avoid to design a vastu compliant office:

What to do

• The general sitting arrangement should be in the west or southern area of the office.

• Always try to have a solid wall behind your back while sitting in an office cubicle. According to the vastu guidelines for office, it helps to gain support from your colleagues and prevents office politics.

• Confusion about the place of placing electronic items! According to the office vastu, the southeast zone is the best place for setting them.

• Visitor’s sofa should be placed in the north or east zone so that when they talk to you or someone else, they can face toward South or west (auspicious as per office vastu).

• The receptionists should face the north or eastern side while talking or communicating with visitors.

• Have you business partners? The vastu experts suggest a separate room for all the partners.

• You should better leave the central part of the office empty.

• The southwest corner of the office is ideal for keeping cash locker and all company-related documents.

What to avoid

• You are feeling sleepy during office break! As sleeping on your desk is not a good idea, according to ‘Vastu Shastra.’ It may give birth to negative energy. Go to the restroom.

• Beams create unnecessary pressures on employees, according to the vastu experts. So, avoid sitting directly under them while working.

• According to the office vastu rules, eating food at your office desk is not a good idea.

• Never keep temples or divine idols behind your seat.

• Always avoid black color while painting office walls as it absorbs negativity from the environment.

Q 1. Which facing is suitable for the office?

Answer: According to vastu shastra for office, the north, east, or north-east direction is promising. We are facing these directions while working ensures financial growth.

Q 2. Is it reasonable to sit facing south in the office?

Answer: It is also good to sit facing south while working in an office, inviting prosperity.

Q 3. Which direction should your office desk face?

Answer: Your office desk should face east and northeast direction, which is auspicious according to vastu shastra’ for ensuring financial growth.

Q 4. Should my office desk face the door?

Answer: The office desk should not directly face the door. Place the desk in a diagonal position or corner from the door.

Q 5. Is the south entrance suitable for the office?

Answer: Yes, the south of southeast entrance for the office is considered auspicious according to the vastu guidelines for the main door. But it would be best if you avoided the southwest zone.

Q 6. What is the best color for the office as per vastu shastra?

Answer: Any light color, exceptionally soft green or light blue, or white, is considered the best color for the office as it creates a calm feeling in the mind and reduces unnecessary stress.

Q 7. Which side should God face in office?

Answer: It depends on your work or business. If you have a trading work business, your God should face north (the zone of ‘Lord Kuber’) in office. But for a professional or a person in the service industry, the east direction is ideal.

Q 8. What is the best location for installing a lift in an office?

Answer: According to vastu shastra, the north, east or west direction is the best location for installing a lift. Avoid installing an elevator in the southwest or south.


Vastu shastra is nothing but science that combines architecture and the logic of science in one world. It changes the definition of new-age offices. Good Vastu planning has activated the positive field, and helps you to reach your goal. But we need Professional Vastu planning to create this positive work environment. The vastu consultant at AppliedVastu. Com is perfect for this job.