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Astro Vastu is the combination of astrology and Vastu shastra, judging birth chart and Vastu simultaneously at the individual level.It is true that in the old scriptures there was no such thing as a Astro Vastu.At that time, Vastu Consultant were experts in both Vastu Vidya as wel as astrology and applied both science at the time of practice.At present, we have seen that not all Vastu have the same effect on everyone. The effects of the Vastu vary on different members of a household. Therefore, the application of astrology, as well as Vastu shastra to solve problems at the individual level, is very effective. Appliedvastu uses this tool efficiently at the time of practicing Vastu Shastra.







Our Key Professionals

Apurba Das

(Professional Vastu Shastra Consultant and Civil Engineer )

Shouvik Das

( Civil Engineer and Vastu Expert )