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Best Vastu Consultant in India

Since the subject "vastu shastra" originated in India, it is natural that those looking for vastu consultants worldwide prefer Indian vastu shastra experts. AppliedVastu is counted among the well-known vastu consultant in India that provides all types of vastu-related consultancy across the globe.

Apurba Das: Best vastu consultant and civil engineer

Vastu consultant in India - Indian Vastu shastra consultant - Vastu expert India

Mr. Apurba Das, founder of AppliedVastu

PH: +918240453521

Do you look for the best Indian vastu consultant / vastu specialist for your Home, Office, Flat, Factory, or new building planning and design? If So, AppliedVastu is the best option for you. AppliedVastu provides world-class, trusted vastu consultancy for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. AppliedVastu experts are from civil engineering fields having good knowledge in structural arrangement, planning and design, and building architecture. Vastu shastra consultant of AppliedVastu has more than seven years of experience in vastu consultancy, design, and planning. AppliedVastu provides both onsite and online vastu services all over India and abroad. Contact our AppliedVastu to get desired vastu solution.

Shouvik Das: Civil Engineer, Vastu specialist, Interior designer

Vastu consultant India - Indian Vastu Shastra expert - Vastu shastra consultant in India   

MR. Shouvik Das: Owner Of AppliedVastu


Meet the owner of AppliedVastu, Mr. Shouvik Das, A young, energetic, professional vastu consultant, civil engineer, and interior designer. He completed thousands of projects in five years of professional experience. Mr. Shouvik Das also knows astrology (Jyotish Shastra). He always tries to apply scientific, application-based vastu principles. Mr. Shouvik Das helped thousands of people all over India and abroad to lead vastu complaint life. His civil engineering and interior design expertise help him apply the logical and scientific principles of vastu shastra. Mr. das is developing AppliedVastu based on vastu case studies. If you are looking for an India-based vastu professional with the expertise mentioned above field, contact AppliedVastu.

Services Provided By AppliedVastu

AppliedVastu is a trusted, professional vastu consultancy that provides the following vastu services all over India.

1. Vastu for home and residence.

2. Vastu solution for flats and apartments.

3. Vastu for office and other commercial places.

4. Complete vastu solution for factory and Industrial premises.

5. Vastu planning and design for a new house, flats, office, factory, etc.

6. AstroVastu solution.

Mode of service provided by AppliedVastu

AppliedVastu provides onsite and online vastu-related services, including vastu design and planning. If you wish to avail of the above mention services, then directly Call +918240453521, or You can also email them at This email Id: Online vastu
service requires accurate data such as scaled plans and direction. For advanced level calculation, required astrological chart. When you need onsite vastu service, the proper address, google drop point of the site, etc., is required.

Why should you choose AppliedVastu?

There are many vastu consultants, but why did you choose AppliedVastu for the vastu solution? The factors stated below make a difference with other vastu shastra consultants.

1. Scientific and logical vastu solution:AppliedVastu always applies vastu principles scientific and logical way. AppliedVastu expert applies modern scientific theory with traditional wisdom for better results.

2. No expensive remedy and simple solution: Many vastu shastra consultants in India recommend costly treatments for vastu correction. AppliedVastu advisor never recommends or sells any product in the name of vastu remedy. AppliedVastu consultant tries to provide a simple solution for significant problems. They proudly claim that their vastu remedies are the most economical.

3. Vastu correction without demolition: Many vastu specialists in India do structural changes for simple vastu correction. Stuctural alteration is too expensive and dangerous work. AppliedVastu advisor recommends any structural changes. They apply Five Step Method Of Vastu Shastra vastu with out structural change.

4. Our vastu experts are from the Architectural field: AppliedVastu advisors are from the civil engineering field and have better knowledge in structure, architecture, planning, and design. For this reason, many people select us.

5. Our Vastu specialists are experienced and trusted: Mr. Apurba Das has been practicing vastu shastra since 2013. He is the chief vastu shastra specialist of AppliedVastu. He successfully completed lots of projects in the past. He has good experience in vastu shastra.

This is why, as mentioned earlier, people hire AppliedVastu and are happy with our extensive client base.