Vastu for factory and Industrial vastu tips

Every industrialist has a dream that their factory will run great. Building an excellent manufacturing unit or factory requires a lot of money and effort. It is sometimes seen that a factory cannot increase its productivity or has a lot of problems in its business despite having a good factory layout, sophisticated machinery, and skilled labor. Vastu for factory plays a significant role in this type of issue. Some problems can occur if factories or industrial premises are created contrary to vastu rules. So, factory vastu / industrial vastu is an essential topic for small to prominent industrialists. Let us now discuss how to apply vastu for factories or industries.

Vastu is an architectural concept of traditional Hindu and Buddhist religions. The idea incorporates nature with architecture. Five fundamental elements of nature, air, water, space, sky, and fire, should maintain symmetry in a property. By considering the measurement, design principles, ground preparation, layout, space geometry, and arrangement, Vastu determines some crucial aspects of the property. Vastu is not only vital to private properties, but industrial vastu is equally essential. According to Vastu Shastra, progeny, the well-being of the inhabitants, and health depend on the proper arrangements of Vastu.

Why vastu for the factory is important

Vastu shastra is a Vedic architectural science aiming to design any buildings harmoniously with nature. Nature comprises five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and space. The aim is to plan any structure in harmony with these five significant elements of vastu and take advantage of it. Vastu principles apply to any structure, whether a house, office, restaurant, or factory. When a building is structured and designed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the positive cosmic energies create positivity in that environment.

A factory layout will likely have some inherent Vastu defects when it is not built according to Vastu Shastra, bringing some ill effects. On the other hand, vastu for factory often help the unit to perform well in terms of manufacturing volume and quality. Also, vastu for factory often directly impacts equipment breakdowns, labor issues, new orders, etc. In other words, a factory built according to Vastu principles becomes helpful in terms of overall growth and profitability.

Significant factors in the vastu for a factory

Several factors must be discussed in detail while explaining a complete factory vastu. There are different vastu principles for various types of the factory unit. For example, the vastu of a chemical production factory and a garment factory vastu are not identical but different. It is impossible to discuss all types of industrial units in detail in this factory vastu article, so the general industrial vastu principles are discussed.

Vastu For Factory Shed

While designing vastu for factory shed, one must create the slope toward North or East for the rainwater to flow. Also, the northward pitch will not let the heat soak up. The sun rays cannot heat the shed efficiently. There is variation in the sheds too. We must cover another crucial point here. The magnetic field of the earth flows towards the northeast from the southwest. This magnetic flow benefits the property and helps it prosper further. South-west is the preferred placement for factory shed as per vastu.

Vastu for factory entrance & factory main gate

Proper placement of the main gate plays a significant role in factory vastu. Since many gates are required to operate a factory properly, special precautions are necessary when using any gates. Among many gates, the preferable entrance needs to be calculated by a vastu expert.

Before choosing the factory's main gate as per vastu shastra, Vastu Purush Mandala should be superimposed adequately on the entire factory plot. Correctly superimposing the Vastu Purusha Mandala on the factory plot will allow the correct understanding of the location of the 45 different energy fields.

Out of these, the auspicious padas have to be selected from the outer 32 padas. Only nine padas among 32 are considered suitable for the main gate, as per vastu shastra.

According to Vastu Shastra, these auspicious gate positions are respectively:

Mukhya, Bhallat, Soma for North Facing Factory Vastu

Jayant, Mahendra for East Facing Factory Vastu

Vitatha, Grihaskat for South Facing Factory Vastu

Pushadant, Varun for West Facing Factory Vastu

Vastu For Factory Land ( Slope and Compound Wall )

Factory land follows the same rule as the industrial vastu shed. A slope towards the northeast defines good sign for a vastu. Here, the same theory of the earth's magnetic field applies. Thick compound walls in the south-west direction protect a factory from harsh and scorching sun rays during the daytime. On the contrary, the compound wall on the northeast of a property allows the warm and soft sun rays to enter. This ray is considered to be very propitious for a new endeavor.

Vastu For Factory Machine

Placements of machines play a crucial role in industrial Vastu. In the present world, machines do maximum works in every factory or business. So, the proper placement of machines as per vastu must be the chief concern of any industrial head. A wrong arrangement of machinery as per vastu never brings you your expected profit and satisfaction.

For example, you should not keep heavy and light machines on the same platform, according to vastu for a factory. While southwest or south or west direction is ideal for heavy machines, the north and east are suitable for placing light machines on the contrary. But according to vastu, for a factory machine, it better leave the northeast area of the property. It affects your profit in business. However, in any condition, ‘Brahmasthan’ is a must avoidable area for keeping any machines (heavy or light). It would help if you also avoided the place under a beam for controlling an engine.


Vastu For Labor Quarters In A Factory

Laborers are the basis of an industry. If their workforce dies, the industry dies with it. Therefore, you have to keep your laborers charged up always. Build the laborers' quarter towards the northeast of the the factory. The factory vastu depends on the position the works in too. The workstation of the employees should be determined according to their posts.

Vastu For Factory Office

Workers are the backbone of a factory. Their placement in the factory is essential for the well-being of the factory. According to industrial vastu, various sectors like an administrative team, creative team, etc., should be placed according to Vastu. The owner's cabin must be west or south-facing. These two directions bring wealth and have a connection with profit. South brings fame and prosperity. So, if you consider yourself a long-run horse, focus on this specific point.

Placement Of Finish Goods And Raw Materials

Again, the southwest corner is usually a property's rear side. This is a unique place for storing raw materials and finished goods. But they should not be kept together. There are valid reasons like:

? People who come from outside will not be able to see them

? A pile of goods decreases aesthetic beauty. Keeping them in a place where no one can see them is suitable for the first impression of a factory

? Southwest is the opposite side where the furnace is placed (southeast). Finishing goods and raw material will be safe in this direction.

Heating & Electrical Equipment

Southeast is the prime location for heating and electrical equipment in a factory vastu. Placing them in the northeast of your property is not a wise decision. But again, these positions differ from industry to industry. For the dairy plant, machines are useful in the north or northwest corner. On the contrary, an ice cream plant's machines go well if planted on the southeast corner.

Parking Shed for Industry

Industrial parking should be divided into two categories of heavy and light vehicles. The parking shed of an industrial vastu is also designed accordingly. The rule of a factory Vastu shed is similar to that of the factory shed. The rainwater must have a way to pass.

Toilet & Septic Tank Location

East/Southeast is the primary location for a toilet in a factory shed. But the number of bathrooms strictly depends on the number of staff. Therefore, other recommended directions for a washroom in a factory shed is south/southwest and west/northwest.

Vastu Plants For The Factory

Some highly recommended holy vastu plants for the factory are:

? Lucky Bamboo plants: lucky bamboo plants are believed to be the harbinger of money and wealth. A small lucky bamboo plant is often used for decorations too.

? Basil plant: enriched with the medicinal qualities of tulsi / basil is widely seen in a private or commercial property.

? Banana trees: the banana plant is worshipped in Hindu mythology. Innumerable qualities of the plant bring good news and contentment.

? Money plants: this is widely known as the key to happiness and wealth in a property.

Dos and Don'ts : Dos -

? Consider the size of the property. Square property brings prosperity.

? Consider the entrance and boundary walls

? Slopes are not to be missed either

Don'ts -

? Do not make the place messy

? Avoid bringing a random thing without a plan

? Separate the zones of raw materials and the finishing goods

Applied vastu - appliedvastu- Vastu for Factory - Vastu tips for factory

Conclusion: Vastu plays the harp in the opera of a prosperous property. Without proper planning of industrial vastu, many great business ideas have flopped in the past. If you do not want people to count on the losers' list, please consider these much-needed points and plan your property accordingly. Please consult a Vastu expert before designing you