Vastu for Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plots
Vastu Gomukhi or Gaumukhi plot and Shermukhi plot-Characteristics and Vastu Tips

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Selection of the right plot as per vastu for your needs is synonymous with selecting a compatible life partner; be very careful in both cases. Most people think the role of Vastu Shastra begins with the digging of the plot for the foundation. Wrong! It would be best if you had it from the very first–selection of properties. Yes! You hear me right. However, most people often ignore this vital factor and consult with a vastu consultant for planning when they decide to start the foundation. You can avoid lots of adverse effects in the future if you take the right step from the first. Now, you may want to know, in selecting plots, which should be your primary focus? Nothing but the shape of the plot should be your key priority. In this article, vastu for Gomukhi and Shermukhi plot, we'll discuss the two key plot shape-Gomukhi plot and the Shermukhi plot, considered lucky according to the ancient architectural science Vastu Shastra.

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We know many questions and confusion regarding the Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plot vastu are bothering you right now. Don't worry! Here we come with the solutions and answers to all confusion and questions one by one, all you need to have a look at:

• What is Gomukhi or Gaumukhi plot, and what is the Shermukhi plot?

• Differences between Gomukhi and Shermukhi plot?

• Benefits of Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plot

• General Vastu tips for Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plot


• Conclusion

What is the Gaumukhi plot, and what is the Shermukhi plot?

Before going to the main discussion, we should first understand the Gomukhi plot and Shermukhi plot better:

Gomukhi (Gaumukhi) or Cow-faced plot.

From the name Gaumukhi, you can clearly understand that we discuss a cow-faced plot. How do we determine a Gaumukhi plot? It is simple; if we see it narrow from the front and broad at the rear, we can easily recognize it as the Gomukhi plot.

Shermukhi or Lion-faced plot.

It is easy to understand from Shermukhi or lion-faced; the plot is like Sher mukh or a lion's face. Now same as Gaumukhi plot, people often ask us how do they determine a Shermukhi plot. Shermukhi plot is the exact opposite of a Gaumukhi plot in shape. Suppose we see a plot broad in the front but narrow at the rear. We can quickly call it a Shermukhi plot.

Gaumukhi plot vastu - Gomukhi Plot- Cow faced Plot vastu-Applied  Vastu

Differences between Gomukhi and Shermukhi plot

We see lots of discussion revolving around Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plot years after years. Some consider Gomukhi plots as the best; some say Shermukhi plots are the best plot Vastu. For example, according to Vastu experts, Shermukhi plots may create more confusion; they sometimes cannot bring prosperity. From their perspective, Gaumukhi plots should be your perfect choice in the selection of plots. But it does not work that way; according to Vastu Shastra, their purpose is different, just like their shape. You get more benefits from a Gaumukhi plot if you plan housing projects on it. You gain more profit from a Shermukhi plot if you use it for industrial projects. Even their characteristics also change according to their facing. While a particular facing Gomukhi plot is good as per Vastu Shastra, the same facing Shermukhi plot is not beneficial as per Vastu Shastra. For instance, we see the possibility of earning more money in people living in a house built on a Gaumukhi plot, with extended or broader northern or eastern parts and the northeastern part. Similarly, an office building on a Shermukhi plot with vast or more expansive north or eastern parts or the northeast part may profit more than others.

So, what is the difference here? The difference is in their facing. Look at the above pictures of the Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plot. You can understand it. You know the Gaumukhi plot is narrow from the front and broad at the rear, so to get an extended northeastern part, it must be south-facing or west facing. Similarly, a Shermukhi plot is vast in front but narrow at the back, so to get a broad northeastern or north or eastern part, it should be north or east-facing or northeastern facing. However, don't forget the prosperity from these plots depends on the aspects or factors of life you want to focus on.

Sher Mukhi plot vastu - Sher Mukhi Plot- Lion faced Plot vastu-Applied Vastu

Benefits of Gomukhi and Shermukhi plot

We can only consider a plot Vastu best for us when we gain maximum benefit from it.

Gomukhi Plot

• We know Gaumukhi plots are perfect for residential Vastu. So, these plots only give the expected prosperity or profit if you use them for housing projects, could be any: houses/apartments/bungalows, etc.

• As per Vastu for the Gaumukhi plot, west-facing Gaumukhi plots and south-facing Gaumukhi plots are famous for their beneficial qualities. Let's see the reason:

• West facing Gaumukhi plot

West facing Gomukhi plot is beneficial because of its extension in the northeast part. There is a possibility of financial profit in the west-facing Gomukhi plot for this reason. But be careful because the cut in the west, North West, and southwest part in a west-facing Gomukhi plot may sometimes cause the inhabitants' health problems and psychological problems.

• South facing Gaumukhi plot.

Same as the west-facing Gomukhi plot, south facing Gomukhi plot is also beneficial because of its extension in the northeast part. There is a possibility of financial gain here. But because of its cut in the southeast and southwest region, the inhabitants may sometimes face health issues, psychological problems, and poverty.

A perfect plot should always be rectangular shaped. We see most of the space remains left or unused in a Gaumukhi plot. But you know even a piece of land is hard to find nowadays for the burgeoning population. Where do you find a perfect rectangular plot? No need to worry! An experienced Vastu consultant knows how to make most of a Gaumukhi plot and knows very well how to get maximum Vastu benefits.

Shermukhi Plot

• Like a Gaumukhi plot, use it for the right purpose if you want to profit from a Shermukhi plot. Shermukhi plots are best for Industrial or commercial use. A group of Vastu experts believes it may disappoint you if you use a lion-faced plot for residential purposes.

• We see the east or north-facing or the northeastern facing Shermukhi plot may have extra advantages. Let's see the reason:

• East facing Shermukhi plot

An east-facing Shermukhi plot has extended northeast and southeast part in the front. So there is a possibility of immense financial profit if you choose an east-facing Shermukhi plot for your industrial purpose. But be careful. Because of its narrow North West or southwest part, there is a possibility of anxiety and other health problems in the employees and other laborers.

• North facing Shermukhi plot

You can consider a north-facing Shermukhi plot beneficial for the same reason. But because of its narrow southeast and southwest part, the employees or the laborers may face health and psychological problems as per Vastu for Shermukhi plot.

However, no need to worry! Facing cannot determine whether the plot is Vast complaint, and facing cannot also make a plot vastu perfect with their few beneficial attributes. It depends on many points. The location of the main entrance on auspicious or inauspicious pada is one of that. So, to check the Vastu of the plot, better put your trust in a vastu expert.

Applied Vastu

General Vastu tips for Gaumukhi and Shermukhi property

Here we come with few Vastu tips for Gau mukhi and Sher mukhi plots, which you have to keep in mind if you want to select the right plot for you.


• Ensure that the broad part of a Gau mukhi plot is in the northeast direction with the road on the southern or the western side.

• In Sher mukhi plots, the broader part must be north with the road on the eastern or the northern side.

• Better use Gaumukhi plot for housing.

• The lion represents power, efficiency, and control, so use it for commercial purposes for immense profit in business.


• The cut in the northeast direction may not be auspicious as per vastu for the Gau mukhi plot; you should always check it before buying a Gau mukhi plot as there is a possibility of financial problem.

• If the southeast part of a Sher mukhi plot is too extended, consult with a Vastu consultant immediately as there is the possibility of accidents as per Vastu for the Shermukhi plot.


Q 1. Is the Shermukhi plot good for the house?

Answer: Shermukhi plot is best for commercial use. But if you want to use it for housing projects, better consult with an experienced Vastu expert; he gives you better guidance in checking the Vastu of the plot.

Q 2. Which facing plot is good as per Vastu?

Answer: The north or northeast-facing plot is ideal, as per Vastu. The rule is not the same for all. However, we should not call any plot Vastu good depending on its facing. It depends on many other significant factors.


According to Vastu Shastra, the plot is the main Vastu. Though this blog is about Vastu for Gomukhi and Shermukhi plot, never depend only on a plot's shape or facing when selecting plots for your residential or commercial purpose. A plot requires several matters to make it Vastu compliant. You also have to check the balance of five elements and many other issues before buying a plot. It is not a simple job. It would be best if you consult with professional Vastu experts. If you give your word to us, we will check the plot and have some valuable discussions. However, you, too, can visit our site Applied Vastu.Com that can be easily accessed. We are waiting for you.