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Vastu tips for southern hemisphere:

Now let us discuss vastu tips for southern hemisphere—countries like Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, etc. These vastu tips for southern hemisphere will help many people living in these countries who want to build a home, office, factory, showroom, etc. according to vastu shastra. An attempt has been made here to briefly discuss most of the questions that have arisen so far regarding Southern Hemisphere vastu tips.

Vastu tips for southern hemisphere home :

It has already been discussed that the orientation deities on the Vastu Purusha Mandala have changed in the southern hemisphere. Naturally, the rules of vastu for home in the southern hemisphere will differ. Here are some important vastu shastra rules for Southern Hemisphere houses.

Main door vastu: The ancient texts of Vastu Shastra describe special rules regarding the location of the main door. According to the vastu principle for the main entrance, the four directions are divided into 32 equal parts or padas. Each pada has its characteristics and name. The main door positional effects of each pada are described in the verses of the ancient texts of Vastu Shastra.

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Vastu for main entrance describes among 32 padas, only ten padas are promising for making the main door. Here we are discussing which positions are promising for the main door according to the rules of Southern Hemisphere Vastu Shastra.

North facing house vastu: Vitatha, Grihaskat

East facing house vastu: Jayant & Mahendra

South facing house vastu: Mukhya, Bhallat, Soma

West facing house vastu: Sugreev, Puspadant, and Varun

Main Entrance Vastu For southern hemisphere - Main Door Australia- Main door vastu tips southern hemisphere - AppliedVastu

Master bedroom in southern hemisphere

Bedroom location is significant in the case of vastu for home. Now the question is where the bedroom or master bedroom should be located according to the rules of Southern Hemisphere vastu.

The bedroom position is usually North, North-West, and West promising, slightly different from Northern Hemisphere Vastu shastra. Because, in this case, the northwest and north reflect the characteristics of the southwest and south. The bedroom can also be built on the east side of the house, but the best places are the southwest and northwest corners.

Kitchen Vastu in southern hemisphere

The kitchen location should be in the right place in the case of a house vastu as it has been observed many times that the kitchen placement in the wrong direction creates major vastu defects.

The location of the kitchen, according to the rules of Vastu Shastra of the southern hemisphere, is different from that of the Vastu rules of the Northern Hemisphere. According to Southern Hemisphere Vaastu rules, kitchens are most auspicious in Southern Hemisphere North East, North East, and West. It is reassuring if the cook faces east and north while cooking.

Pooja room vastu in southern hemisphere

A pooja room is where a deity or deity is worshipped, so its location is significant in Vastu Shastra. According to ancient Vastushastra manuscripts, no specific place of worship room is mentioned. Different places are specified for different deities. In a residential house vastu it is tough to place a god in many places, so generally, the southeast ( equivalent north-east) corner and the west side of the deity house are considered most auspicious. While performing the puja, the face should be towards the south or the east, and facing the west can also be performed.

Toilet vastu in Southern southern hemisphere

Now let's discuss the toilet vastu. Everyone is agitated about the toilet positions, according to vastu. In ancient times the toilet was always kept outside the house, but in modern architecture, the toilet has moved inside the house. That is why the location of the toilet should be in the right place, according to Vastu Shastra. According to Southern Hemisphere ecological rules, the position of the toilet should be WSW, NNW, and ENE respectively.

Frequently asked questions for southern hemisphere Vastu.

Q1. Does Vastu works in Ausralia?

Yes, vastu works anywhere in the world. But Australia is a Southern Hemisphere country, and in that case vastu rules are slightly different. We already explained in this article how to apply vastu rules in Australia. You can get more details by contacting AppliedVastu consultancy if you are looking for professional support.

Q2. Which is the best facing of the house vastu for the southern hemisphere?

In Vastu Shastra, each facing is given equal importance as the entrance is auspicious through certain places in each facing house and inauspicious. According to vastu for main door rules, there are a total of 32 entrances, among which only ten are auspicious. For a north-facing house, instead of eight entrances, only three gates, i.e., It cannot be said all north-facing houses are auspicious.

Which is the best facing of the house vastu for the southern hemisphere - southern hemisphere vastu shastra- AppliedVastu

The positions of which doors are promising for the four facing houses of the Southern Hemisphere are marked in the above image by right symbols.

Q3. which is the best direction to sleep in southern hemisphere?

The best sleeping direction for the Southern Hemisphere is North. Because in this case, according to the rules of vastu, the north side behaves like the south direction. If it is possible to sleep with the head towards the north, in that case, one can sleep with the head towards the east and west. But one should never sleep with the head towards the south.

Q4. Is south facing house good in Australia as per Vastu?

A south facing house is promising in the case of Australia when its main door position is over deity Soma, Bhallat, and Mukhya padas, respectively. As the South side of Australian Vastu behaves like the north side, entry through the above positions gives good results.

Q5. What is the best direction for a house to face in Australia Vastu?

The rules of Australian vastu shastra are slightly different from Indian vastu as the Australian north side behaves like the Indian south side. In the case of Australian vastu, there are auspicious doors in every direction. But the selection of promising doors should be made through proper geometrical calculations. In this case, Vastu purush mandals for Southern Hemisphere created by AppliedVastu can be used to determine the correct location of doors.

Q6. What are the general rules for Vastu in the South Hemisphere?

In answer to this question, we will tell you that in the whole article, the general rules of vastu are explained in detail through various diagrams. You will learn about the Vastu of Southern Hemisphere by reading the article. The support of professionals is indeed required to apply Vastu properly. You can directly contact the AppliedVastu team to take professional consultancy.


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